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Coarse, Carp & Trout Fishing, Plus Self-Catering Holidays in a Naturally Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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Visitor’s Feedback, Recommendations, testimonials and messages.

Visitor book remarks, some emails and postcards received, and we hope that you enjoy them?

July 7th, 2021 from Mr & Mrs Ray Williamson, Staffordshire.

Unsolicited "email" recived 7th July.

Hello Bill and Val,

It's Sue and Ray Williamson.
We would just like to say how much we enjoyed our holiday with you last week. It is a lovely place and very relaxing.
The fishing is good. We hope to come again in the future. Of course we musn't forget about Dylan the dog who paid us a visit now and again.

Thank you.

Feedback August, 2017 from Howard Prince

Unsolicited "e-mail" received from Howard Prince, an holidayer from Whitchurch, Shropshire, 20th August 2017, and reads as follows:

Bill, Just a quick email on behalf of Hazel, myself and Ozzy to thank you for a wonderful stay last week. The accommodation and fishery is a credit to you and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

The flyover of a Bee eater capped the week! A Rare in this locality, the European Bee Eater bird?European Bee-Eater bird (Merops apiaster or Gwybedog y Gwenyn)! A colourful wanderer from southern Europe, last known confirmed sighting at New Cross on 21st June 1993, a couple of miles from our location.

Kind regards,

Visitor’s book remark Saturday, October 31st, 2015 from Richard ’ Sue Smith, Bristol

"e-mail" received from Richard Bradley, a local angler, 23rd February 2017, and reads as follows:

Dear Bill,
Just a quick line to let you know how much I enjoyed my short visit on Monday 20th February. Although it was quite windy the air temperature had risen a lot and the carp were very active. They came up to my floating bread and I managed to catch twelve fish in a couple of hours weighing up to ten pounds.

The fish were in excellent condition and I think that provided the weather doesn’t turn cold the fishing should get even better in the coming weeks.

The water was quite coloured and there was plenty of evidence the fish were also feeding on the bottom from the ‘mud clouds’ being stirred up.

I hope to be with you again soon.
Kind Regards

Received unsolicited email Friday, October 11, 2015 from Jeremy John

Fishing Review

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful mornings fishing last Tuesday on your trout lakes. Six hard fighting full finned fish of 2 to 2.5lb, all on damsels and a flashback hares ear.

Trout were busy chasing fry, which were jumping clear out of the water giving the trout’s location away around Derwen lake. No takes on the other lakes though.

Lovely fishery with three nice trout lakes set in well kept grounds. Hope to visit again next time I’m in the area.


Received unsolicited email Wednesday, February 18, 2015 from Dave Stirzaker

Visiting Nine Oaks

Just had 4 hrs fishing the top lake (Weir), first visit. Had a fish first cast and went on to hook 21! Landed 16, lost 5.

The last one I lost stripped loads of line off, jumped several times, then bit through the knot right at the net. Looked 4+. Fantastic fighting fish in top condition. Never seen such scarlet colours. Tremendous.

Thank you.
Dave Stirzaker

( I caught on nomads and small cats whiskers, most fish took on the drop.)

following our email thanking him, he replied 19th, February:-

I was quite lucky I think to find a tight group of fish. I had half a dozen casts in the bottom pool with no result then quickly went up to the top one. Took two fish from the first gap, then one from the next gap, then hit the jackpot, hooking another eighteen fish, plus pulls, tweaks and nips. Fantastic.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon and I am now looking at the roach fishing with interest! My wife and I have a motorhome which, if we can’t park it in your car park could be parked somewhere nearby ? Then I could have a session for roach, one for carp and one for trout. Nice!

I too hope to see you again soon.
Dave Stirzaker

PS I don’t do Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff. Maybe one day I will.....?

Received unsolicited email Saturday, July 12, 2014 from Brian harrison and his wife

Hi Bill sorry have not been in touch earlier just a quick mail to say thanks for the great weekend fishing. It was all it was said to be, and we would visit you again soon once again thanks.

Received unsolicited mail from Ron Cousins (Welsh Correspondent for the Angler’s Mail) and his wife Caroline, Sunday June 16th, 2013.

We have just stopped running around long enough to thank you for two most pleasant days at your fishery.

It was a pleasure to be on the lakes and the fishing was first class. I have also managed to add a few things to the accumulated years knowledge and will never look at a mussel in the same way again.

I don’t know whether I told you but I am on the Louise Elliot show on BBC Radio Wales between 2pm and 3pm on Wednesday and anglers are invited to ring, email or text with questions or opinions for discussion.

All the Best Ron & Caroline

Received reply email from Owen Harris in response to an email from Bill, Monday March 18th, 2013.

Thanks Bill. We had a very good time - the cottage was very comfortable. I did find the missing payment - it was on my account as unclaimed probably because I made a mistake with the address. You will certainly see us again- perhaps later in the year.


Received unsolicited email Simone McNeil of Aberporth, Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hi Bill

Just a quick note to thank you for a great time this week. Harvey was very pleased to have caught his first trout and is keen to get back out there - as you said "mission accomplished". Wishing you a busy winter, we look forward to returning to Nine Oaks in the Spring.


Received unsolicited email from Stephen Prydie Monday 6th, August 2012.

Fishing Review: Hi bill , dropping you a line to say what a great time we had fishing overnight last weekend . You helped me land my p/b common carp 16and a half pound ,what a fight and what a fish .We will be coming again this month for another over nighter and will bring bait this time , hope you can forward me the pictures you took of the fish I would appreciate it very much.

See you soon and hope the weather holds;

Steve Prydie


Received unsolicited email From Fallon July 15th, 2012

Hi Bill,
Had another fantastic evening fishing and got my new PB with an 8lb common, then 5 minutes later Loz matched it with another 8lb.

Many Thanks
Fallon and Loz.

Received unsolicited email From Ruth Mann of Norfolk June 17th, 2012

Just wanted to say thanks again for the caravan, the fishing and most of all to you for being so friendly and welcoming! We had a good run back, stopped for 30 minutes but still made it in less than 6½ hours!

I hope everything was in order with the caravan.

Jake sends his best wishes to Dylan!


Received unsolicited email From Fallon June 4th, 2012

Hi Bill,
Had a great evenings fishing last night, Loz had 5 carp and i had 3 carp. His biggest was a 15lb common so we took a photo to send to you. We also got a sneak glimpse of one of the koi’s, very nearly took my bait until a bigger carp got there first. We filled out a catch report.

Many thanks see you again soon
Fallon and Loz

Received unsolicited email From Wendy Armer of Barnsley May 30th, 2012

Message: Hiya Bill just to let you know I received the £40 deposit back this morning, thank you. Also, just to say we really had a wonderful time and we do hope to see you again Wendy.

Received unsolicited email from Mandy Warrilow June 05th, 2011

Dave, Mandy, Ethan and Morgan Warrilow

Message: Hi Bill and Val,
just wanted to say thanks for making our holiday so special. Everything was perfect. Lovely bungalow, brilliant fishing and great advice.
We even had a few firsts. Ethan caught a Grass Carp and a Ghost carp. Dave had his PB on Main Pool a 20lb Common (will send you a pic) and I had my first Koi. Hope to see you both soon take care. From the Warrilows.
PS: Morgan said hi to Dylan x.

Received unsolicited email from Phil & Jennifer Silvester 23rd, October 2010

hi bill  i am still learning about this internet but wanted to say thank you for a lovely stay,  the cottage was really nice and we enjoyed the surrounding area both walking cliff paths and cycling. hope to be back next year.

thanks Jenny &  Phil

Received unsolicited email from Dr. Pál András from Hungary 9th, July 2010

Dear Bill and Val,
We stayed at Nine Oaks last week with my wife. We had the most wonderful time at Nine Oaks and Wales and I can’t wait to return, but next time hopefully for a longer break.

Thank you for your kind hospitality and tuition. We hope to return soon. Meanwhile I’ll show Hungarian carpers something I learned in Wales... some luncheon meat. :)

Please say hello to doggy Dyl and the fish for me.
Best wishes,
Anna and Andras

Young Keiron Houghton's first Mirror Carp  Received unsolicited email from Alan 2nd, August 2009
Hi Bill,
Just a couple of pictures for your gallery
Keiron Houghton (Aged 11) from Widnes Cheshire with a 6lb Mirror Carp landed on the main lake on bacon paste pellet, and his older brother Stuart (Aged 15) with his 7.5lb Mirror Carp landed from the novice pool whilst fishing on slug.

Once again, thanks for everything, we’re all still "buzzing" from a fantastic week at Nine Oaks which far outweighed our expectations. I asked the kids on the way home whether they would prefer a Spain beach holiday or Nine Oaks, the answer was unanimous and we all hope to be back very soon.
Alan Houghton and Family.

Received unsolicited email from Roy Simmons 29th, June 2008

Hi Val & Bill,
Very many thanks for such a delightful stay at Snowdrop. We had a brilliant time touring the pools even though we don’t fish. It seems as though we packed a fortnight’s holiday into a week!

Roy Simmons, Fairwater, Cardiff

Received by unsolicited mail Friday 24th, May 2007 from husband & wife Brenda & Malcolm Herbert.

Dear Val & Bill
Many thanks for a comfortable holiday, beautiful surroundings, friendly atmosphere and even good fishing! We’re totally rested. We were so happy you were able to take our deposit/booking for next year and look forward to seeing you on 10th, May 2008.

All best wishes,
Brenda & Malcolm

Received by unsolicited email Wednesday 22nd, February 2007 from father and son (John Conlin) after their first visit here.

Hi Bill,
Just thought I would drop you a quick email to say thanks very much for this weekend.

My Dad and I had a fantastic time, the fishing, customer service and sarnies were excellent!

We didn’t catch any huge fish, but a PB Mirror for me, and a PB Mirror and PB Common for my Dad really made our weekend! (even if I did have to sit out in the wind & rain to catch my better fish!).

We’ll certainly be back soon! I have attached some of the photos I took, feel free to use them!

Thanks from both me, and my Dad (who’s also called John, just to keep it easy!)
John Conlin, Leeds

Received by unsolicited mail 7th, September 2006 from husband & wife Joan & Fred Allsop.

Just got back home after a lovely stay at Nine Oaks.
Thank you both very much for making us so welcome and we really did enjoy our selves, pity it wasn’t for longer?
Joan & Fred Allsop

Received by unsolicited email Sunday 2nd, July 2006 from two who had night fished at Nine Oaks for the first time.

Hi bill, thanks for a great night fishing friday me and paul had a brill time and to catch 60 fish is awsome mike said he fished today and caught the big one so we only missed it by a couple of days can you email me the photos so i can print them off for him as he does not have an email address many thanks Paul Armes...

Received by unsolicited email Friday 25th, May 2006

hi bill
we visited your fishery in May [my brother Mike made the gallery with his grass carp] I would like you to know we all had a fantastic time the accommodation was tremendous and we will be back [maybe next time i will get featured in the gallery who knows]. see you soon
john shawcross

from Joe & Deann [] from mid-west USA in response to email from Bill 18th, April 2006.

I was waiting till I actually caught a fish. While I have caught some sun fish nothing worth commenting on. Distance and accuracy are improving. I’ll always remember to "flick it".

We did enjoy Wales very much.

The time we spent with you was very special. Your instructions and personal attention will really enable me to enjoy the sport of fly fishing. The conversation was great too.

You’ll get a picture of the first big one. Mr Joe Megonnell of the USAWe hope to return to Wales next summer, if we do we will be sure to come by.
Joe & Deann Megonnell

Meanwhile.... Received by email 21 April 2006. The ability of the teacher is judged by the success of the student. not very big but a good fight and a good start
Joe & Deann Megonnell

7th, September 2005 postcard received from Joan and Fred Allsop, Colwall, Worcestershire.

Just got back home after a lovely stay at Nine Oaks.
Thank you both very much for making us so welcome. We really did enjoy ourselves, pity it wasn’t for longer?

 16th, December 2004 by email: Welsh Ladies International Fly Fishing Team
Had a great day at your fishery the other Sunday, You kindly said that you could email me a copy of the 6lb fish I caught. Sorry its taken me so long but I have been ill and this is the first time I have been able to use the computer. I’m telling everyone what a great day we had. Still no piece in last week or this weeks Carmarthen Journal but perhaps after xmas they will pop it in.
Cheers for now - hope to see you in the New Year.
Regards Simone

4th, July 2005 by email:


22nd, June 2004 by email:

Bill, Julia and I would like to thank you for a friendly and enjoyable day at Nine Oaks last week during our stay in Pembrokeshire.

We both remarked during the rest of the week how well the fishery is kept and run, having visited a vast amount of trout venus on our travels the standards vary considerably. Nine Oaks is amongst the best we’ve found and is a credit to your hard work.
We both caught after 7pm during a hot day. The trusty Diawl Bach and sinking line never seems to fail in Wales and tempted us nine prime fish, two of mine well over four pounds and one in particular well over five.

We both wish you all the best a Nine Oaks and hope to see you again one day.
David and Julia Martin

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