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Trout or Fly Fishing, some suggested flies.
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January’s suggested wet flies

Advocated flies to use during January:-

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A typical Montana Nymph Fly - an excellent all-rounder

Montana Nymph.

A good all-round nymph/lure in the popular green & black colour combination. Worth trying in both weighted (gold head) and non-weighted varieties.

The Montana works well in many different conditions. Best fished on a floating line, long leader and retrieved slowly. The chenille thorax can be varied in colour, orange and yellow are other colours that fish well.

The Mini Cats Whisker Fly - an excellent winter fly pattern

Mini Cats Whisker

One of the few lures that has remained popular over the last twenty years or so. (Whatever happened to the Ace of Spades, Ombudsman & Black Chenille?)

This is one of those all round lures, fish it on a floating, intermediate or sinking line at various rates of retrieve and it will still catch. The cats whisker works superbly even when fished very slowly or even on the drop. You must have one of these in your box, don’t let the size deceive you, it’s very effective.

A Shrimp Fly, Scud or Czech pattern

Shrimp Fly, Scud or Czech

Fish it deep or close in to the bank where the trout are hunting for food.

I had to pick a single fly to fish through the winter it would be a toss up between the ubiquitous Pheasant Tail Nymph and the nutritious shrimp.

Shrimps, especially during winter, are one of the staples in the Trout diet during this time of year. Just compare the shrimps to the nymphs - in fish food terms it is the difference between a T-bone steak and a cocktail sausage!

The fish will go to great lengths to find shrimps. The bright pink and orange patterns are easier to track, but try other colours too.

Another Fritzy pattern - The Dawson's Olive

Dawson's Olive

Fish it close in to the banks where trout are picking up nymphs.

An excellent fly during the winter months using a floating line and long leader with a slow figure of eight retrieve, or an intermediate or sinking line with a varied rate of retrieve.

This example is tied with Straggle Fritz rather than the traditional Chenille Body and uses a thorax of Olive Ostrich Herl to give a bit more pulsating movement at the head.

A Bibio - an excellent winter fly pattern but also good throughout the year

The Bibio

The Bibio also known as the Hawthorn or Heather fly. Fished with a twitching action or pulled just under the waters surface to imitate the fly. It’s a good fly to pull through waves on a windy day. Fished on a floating line with a long leader.