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Flies used by our anglers during February

Effective flies to use during February:-

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A Shrimp Fly, Scud or Czech pattern

Shrimp Fly, Scud or Czech

Fish it deep or close in to the bank where the trout are hunting for food.

I had to pick a single fly to fish through the winter it would be a toss up between the ubiquitous Pheasant Tail Nymph and the nutritious shrimp.

Shrimps, especially during winter, are one of the staples in the Trout diet during this time of year. Just compare the shrimps to the nymphs - in fish food terms it is the difference between a T-bone steak and a cocktail sausage!

The fish will go to great lengths to find shrimps. The bright pink and orange patterns are easier to track, but try other colours too.

One of many different tyings of the Fritz pattern - The Blob Fly!

Coral and Orange BlobTry it at about 4ft deep

The Coral / Orange Blob is a fritz mini-lure and works superbly when fished very fast. The pattern can also be tied in a mass of colours from dark to very bright on the colour spectrum. The darker coloured fritz’s are usually fished more slowly than the lighter coloured ones.

Also, try the modern equivalent "plastic blob" that looks like a legless tadpole in orange or green.

A good winter fly - the Haemoglobin Buzzer

The Haemoglobin Buzzer

Generally fished deep and close to the bottom always useful to have a few in your box.

There are many variants of the so called “Buzzer”, fishing with one on a bright sunny day can be effective. The fly can be fished like many buzzers on either an intermediate or floating line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve. Takes can be about 2-4ft deep fished close to weed beds in shallow water. In winter this type of fly can be excellent when trout are still taking buzzers as part of their diet.

A 'Hot Head' Diawl Bach - a good Welsh Fly

Hot Head Diawl Bach.

An excellent fly and one of the most successful all-year round nymphs, the Diawl Bach in all it’s variations is still worth a try during January.

The Diawl Bach (Little Devil) should be used when buzzers are on the water.

It can be fished on any line, from floating to fast sinker and at almost any depth.

A example of a Yellow Dancer Fly

The Yellow Dancer.

A very popular stillwater and reservoir lure in the UK and Europe. The lure regularly takes brown, blue and rainbow trout in many months of the year.

This version is tied unweighted with a red head and a bead attached as part of the marabou tail which gives added attraction. The original pattern used either a gold or chain bead for added weight at the head.

A Black Pennel - an excellent fly for April

Black Pennell

The Black Pennell is a great fly for the trout. Fish it on a floating line. By being tied small it represents a small midge. Also, tied with a plain silver body, without the body hackle, and fished about 3ft deep on a slow retrieve can be very deadly.


A Bibio - an excellent winter fly pattern but also good throughout the year

The Bibio

The Bibio also known as the Hawthorn or Heather fly. Fished with a twitching action or pulled just under the waters surface to imitate the fly. It's a good fly to pull through waves on a windy day. Fished on a floating line with a long leader.

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