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Coarse, Carp & Trout Fishing, Plus Self-Catering Holidays in a Naturally Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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January’s Wet flies

On-site at Nine Oaks, the Preferred flies during January

Here you can read more about our Trout Fishing

In January & February you may not see many fish rising but they are still there!
We allow fishing on a “Catch and Release” or “Catch and Return” basis as well as “Catch and Take”. When you’re not fishing for “the Table” your hooks must be either barbless or de-barbed.
An easy way to de-barb your hooks is to hold the "point and barb" in the jaws of a pair of forceps or pliers; then roll the hook backwards and forwards a couple of times between the jaws. Doing this should easily remove the barb, leaving you with a clean point.
For the “Catch and Take” Angler barbed hooks are allowed. There are 2 fish, 3 fish or 4 fish tickets and you may have as many tickets as you like - providing you pay for each one!

A 2 fish ticket is for the first 2 fish OR 4 hours fishing whichever comes first - your first 2 fish OR the 4 hours. Similarly, a 3 fish ticket is 3 fish OR 6 hours fishing, and likewise a 4 fish ticket is your first 4 fish OR 8 hours fishing. Multiple tickets are permissible

A Blakestone Buzzer Black Fly

Blakestone Buzzer Black.

One of many buzzer patterns that will catch fish. The other most popular colour is olive but red, orange and even white are worth having in your box.

A 'Hot Head' Diawl Bach - a good Welsh Fly

Hot Head Diawl Bach.

An excellent fly and one of the most successful all-year round nymphs, the Diawl Bach in all its variations is still worth a try during January.
The Diawl Bach (Little Devil) should be used when buzzers are on the water.
It can be fished on any line, from floating to fast sinker and at almost any depth.

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