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Coarse, Carp & Trout Fishing, Plus Self-Catering Holidays in a Naturally Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of Hire of all the Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation

Book of rules

Before booking, please read the following conditions of hire:

#1 CONTRACT OF HIRE. The contract of hire shall be between the Holidaymaker and the Property Owner and subject to the Conditions of Hire. The contract of hire becomes effective when verbal or written confirmation is accepted by the holidaymaker.

#2 PRICES. All rents are quoted per property per week - we reserve the right to amend prices without notice.

#3 BOOKING A HOLIDAY. Provisional bookings may be made by telephone and must be followed by receipt of booking details and a deposit to the fishery within fourteen days. For all bookings a deposit of roughly rd of total rental cost is required, and until this deposit has been paid, the booking is provisional and may be varied or cancelled without prior notice. Upon payment of the deposit and subject to acceptance of the booking the hirer becomes liable for the outstanding balance of the rental. The balance must be paid in full no later than one month in advance of arrival at the property. There will be no reminder letters or chase up communications. We reserve the right to re-let the property if no payment is received after the fourteen day deposit period or the outstanding balance has not been paid within one month of arrival date.

#4 UNDER 18’s. Bookings will not be accepted from persons under the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse bookings solely at our discretion.

#5 PETS. Your pets are welcome, but by arrangement only. There is an extra charge of £25 per pet.

  • Pets must be kept under strict control at all times.
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms and all Furniture are strictly off limits.
  • They must not be left unattended in the property at any time.
  • They must sleep on their own bedding provided by you - the holidaymaker.
  • You will be held liable for any damage caused by your pets.
  • You are expected to remove all evidence of them especially dog hairs before departure.
  • You are expected to clean up and remove any doo-dahs left by them while walking them around our property and anywhere in the Village.
  • We reserve the right to levy an extra charge for any additional cleaning or de-fumigation necessary after you have vacated the property.

#6 NUMBER OF PERSONS. The number of persons using the holiday property is not to exceed the maximum number stated in the brochure, unless prior agreement has been reached. The holidaymaker shall not part with possession of the property or sub-let or share it, except with members of the party shown on the booking form, or at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse entry to a property if the maximum number is exceeded.

#7 CHILDREN. The holiday cottages are situated within the curtilage of the fishery within which runs a steep sided stream. Children must be kept under close supervision at all times.

#8 SMOKING. For the comfort and pleasure of our guests we have a strict “#1 No Smoking” Policy. Any smoking indoors, or signs of having smoked after your departure, is a breach of contract. This will result in immediate termination of your contract to stay here for the remaining duration of your holiday, and forfeiture of any refund or damages deposit.

#9 LINEN. All properties will be furnished and equipped for the number of people stated on the booking form. Due to Coronavirus, hand towels, tea-towels and bed linen are no-longer provided.

#10 GAS, ELECTRICITY AND HEATING. Usually, there are no additional charges for gas or electricity provided you don’t abuse their use, like leaving them “on” when you go out during the day or leaving them “on all night”! If this happens we retain the right to levy an additional charge. In the cottage ’ bungalow, when necessary, the Central Heating which is on a time clock, is “on” each morning and each evening (times vary by season). If we are requested to provide additional heating during the day time, we reserve the right to charge an additional £1 per hour to cover the extra fuel costs incurred.

#11 AVAILABILITY. If the property is unavailable on the day stated due to circumstances beyond our control all monies paid will be repaid without question. Every endeavour will be made to find a similar property, but no further liability shall fall upon us.

Going, going... gone - now you've done it!
Please read these terms carefully

#12 COMPLAINTS. If the holidaymaker is not satisfied with the accommodation provided they should contact the property owner during the holiday. Complaints cannot be accepted if made after the holiday. We shall take every step to ensure that complaints are dealt with speedily. We ask you to confirm all complaints in writing.

#13 BROCHURE INFORMATION. The property owner cannot be held responsible for changes which happen after the brochure is published. We have done our best to ensure that the information contained within the brochure is accurate at the time of printing.

#14 CANCELLATION. For any cancellation howsoever caused the 30% deposit will be forfeited. However, for cancellations more than 30 days prior to commencement of the let where full or part payment has been made prior to commencement we will return your rental payment or deposit in full provided we are able to re-let the property, less an administration charge of 10% of the full rent. Where we are unable to re-let the deposit of 30% of the full rent will be forfeited and any other monies will be refunded. For cancellations within 30 days of commencement howsoever caused the outstanding balance (i.e. payment in full) becomes due. Any monies to be refunded will be returned after the commencement date of the let.

#15 SECURITY. We cannot guarantee the security of your vehicles or personal possessions whilst within the curtilage of the property and we cannot be held liable for loss or damage thereto, from any cause whatsoever. They are parked here entirely at your own risk.

#16 ACCESS. Should the property owner or their representatives require access to the property, at any reasonable time during your stay, it is a condition of hire that access will be granted.

#17 CARE OF PROPERTY. A condition of acceptance of any booking is that the holidaymaker will take good care of the property, its contents and comply with our no-smoking policy. We hope that you don’t find anything unsatisfactory, but should this happen please inform us within 24hrs of occupation, to avoid being held liable. After that time holiday makers may be held responsible for any breakages or damage, howsoever caused. Or for any extra cleaning we deem necessary following their occupation. The holidaymaker will be expected to leave the property reasonably clean and tidy; any extra cleaning or damage found will be charged for.

#18 CONSIDERATION (DAMAGES) DEPOSIT. Unfortunately, due to broken crockery, soiled or wet bed linen, unnecessary cleaning and other damages, we now expect a security deposit. There are two options:- On arrival we require Credit Card details (preferably) or a separate signed cheque made payable to "Nine Oaks Fishery" for the sum of £50 as your refundable consideration deposit. Alternatively, when paying deposits or balances by credit card we seek your permission to retain the card details as security. After your departure and after the property has been spring cleaned and thoroughly checked by our staff, provided there are no damages or unnecessary cleaning credit card details will be shredded or your cheque will be posted back to you.

#19 KEYS. Keys may be collected from the main house at any time after 12.00am on the day of arrival unless notified to the contrary by the property owner. The holiday Cottages and Caravans will be available by 12.00am on the day of arrival. You are requested to vacate the property by 12.00 am on the day of departure. Please return Keys to the owner before departure.

#20 CAUTION. Anglers and visitors enter the Fishery entirely at their own risk.

#21 LEFT PROPERTY. Any belongings left behind after a visit and not claimed within two weeks, unless we are told or agree otherwise, will be donated to Charity.

#22 PRIVACY. We are committed to protecting your privacy and we treat your personal privacy very seriously. Do read our Privacy Policy to understand how we use your personal data provided to us by you when using this Site and when booking your holiday with us.

#23 FISHING. The cost of Fishing is not normally included within the cost of staying here, and is a chargeable extra. All outstanding fishing costs must be settled before departure.

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