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2020's Fishing and Catch Reports

Monthly Catch reports for the year

Each Year’s Catch reports:- 

Select by Month:-


No report Filed


No report Filed

No report Filed - covid-19 LOCKDOWN in progress

Restocked House and Main lakes with Carp, plus Crucian carp, F1 carp and Roach, skimmer bream and Tench.


No report Filed - covid-19 LOCKDOWN still in progress


Coarse Fishing:

19th Following on from last year’s hard year of fishing and previously repeated attacks from web-footed rats (ask Bill). Yesterday (Tuesday) we had a test fishing in the Main lake. Sweetcorn on the bottom in the morning and floating dog biscuit if the afternoon. A total of 21 carp up to 16lb were landed. Many lost fish and even more bites not connected. The smaller carp, repeatedly picking up the baits before taking them and giving a good account of themselves.
We hope that things are returning back to normal and look forward to a great year.

20th The shutdown has appeared to have done us some good. Last year fishing, for whatever reason, was hard and most anglers were catching fish but not in the usual numbers and some even leaving without catching anything, which for us was pretty unusual. Today 20th, father and son who are both good anglers had 74 carp between them. The lad had 21 carp up to 12lb 6oz alternating between bottom and surface fishing. His dad fishing on the bottom with a size 12 hook and 14mm pellets on a ledger rig had 53 carp to 11lb. Overall, they had a great day’s fishing which was even better than expected considering last year’s difficulties and the past 8 weeks of lockdown.

21st weather a little cooler and not so many carp caught as in the previous couple of days, but, better quality fish were coming out. Jim, a local electrician, had 15 carp to 15lb. Other anglers also reported good catches of carp, the occasional tench, and a few good roach.

22nd following some overnight rain (thank goodness as the ground is bone dry and hard). An elderly chap from Aberarth, fishing the House Pool, feeding regularly, he has had a few carp to 7lb close in on float fishing on the nearside ledge and missed several fishing on the ledger under the bushes opposite him.


Coarse Fishing:

25th From Derek Liddle, Boncath, Ceredigion:

Fishing the Main Lake, he caught this near 10lb Grass Carp on plain old free lined floating bread. He commented "We really enjoyed our visit. Nice to chat with you and thanks for the tips. Hope to come back soon. Very hard fighting fish and a beautiful fishery."


Coarse Fishing

24th From Bill:

Clive erett, from Hull, fishing the main lake on a pole with a single sweetcorn towards the centre of the narrows, caught this magnificent 17lb 13oz Common Carp. Many Carp from 2lb upwards with many doubles, a few Roach and plenty of Tench, crucians and a few F1’s coming out everywhere, including the House Pool where a 17lb 2oz common was also caught recently. All baits catching including, maggots (in-stock), sweetcorn, worms, chick-peas, luncheon meats (afternoons best), soft-hookable pellets et-al. Just keep feeding regularly, a little and often and do not ignore the margins especially near to or underneath the overhanging bushes. The rest is up to you!


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