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2016's Fishing and Catch Reports

Monthly Catch reports for the year

Each Year’s Catch reports:- 

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January 2016:

Coarse Fishing

Mark checks his net of Fish Mark with a lovely 2lb Common Carp. He had several of them

24th January - Nine Oaks Silver only match. Again, conditions were poor and fishing was hard but a good turn-out nevertheless.
Well done Mick for his winning weight of 19lb 5oz; Carl Worrall second with 13lb 6oz and Johnathan Davies (Pembrokeshire) 3rd with 11lb 10oz.
Next match will be a rover on Sunday 1st February.

10th January - Nine Oaks Fishery Open. Hard going all day but a pretty close match at the end of the day. Well done to Carl Worrall on winning with 19lb 3oz; Andrew Kirtley 2nd with 17lb 8oz and Mick Butler on 3rd with 15lb.
Thanks to all who competed.


Coarse Fishing:

7th, February: Ceredigion Winter League. It started cold, and blustery then the rain started about mid-day! Better weather = better fishing. However, everyone caught fish with Mick coming a credible 3rd with 11lb 8oz. DJ, to everyone’s surprise, came 2nd with 13lb 2oz, and a great day for Shaun with a good winner’s weight of 27lb 1oz.

Considering the conditions this was an excellent winners weight - well done Shaun, and well done to everyone else.

Carl Worrall via Facebook 20th February 2016 @10:40am

Getting ready for the last round of the Gb Fishing Angling Centre Silver Fish Only League at Nine Oaks Fishery
Thank you to Basil Coates for supporting this league again this year and to Bill for a fantastic venue.
See you all 9am tomorrow

Trout Fishing:

10th, February: Cool and pleasant day, and for a change dry! Cats Whisker, black/green Fritz and other similar flies fished hard on the bottom and brought in dead slow caught really well. Angler’s having fish averaging 3lb each.

March: (No Report)

April: (No Report)

May: (No Report)

June: (No Report filed)

July: (No Reports filed)

August: (No Reports filed)


14th, September: Graham Brookes of Walsall, while staying here has had a blinder of a fishing holiday. Landing over 200 carp during his stay with the best fish a 22lb Common Carp, caught in the margin, about 18" from the bank near the overhanging branches of lakeside tree. His bait was a piece of cooked sausage soaked in maple syrup fished on a ledger. Superb 22lb Common Carp

18th, September: Club match update between Ceredigion Coarse Anglers and Pembrokeshire Piscatorials

What a great day? Our first match of the autumn with everyone having high spirits and high hopes for a good match. Some good weights were recorded, with the Johnathan (Pembs Pisc) landing 107.5lb for 1st place, Beth (Ceredigion) 89lb for 2nd and Brian Hammond (Pembs Pisc) 3rd with 73lb 1oz. Pembrokeshire were the winning team. Well done to everyone. Next Winter League Match October 30th (last Sunday of the month). Sign in at 9am Fishing 10 till 3pm.

18th, October:

Club match update
Round 1 of the Ceredigion Coarse Anglers winter league starts on Sunday the 1st, of November. At springwater lakes Nr Lampeter. Sign in at 9am Fishing 10 till 3pm.
Ceredigion Coarse Anglers Christmas open. Date will be the 19th, or 20th, of December. Entry fee £18. ( this is a per book and pay match because of limited pegs ) Mr Bill Baker has given us a 12 month Membership for Nine Oaks Fishery for the Christmas competition and we thank you for this kind Offer.

1st 12 month Membership to nine oaks fishery + £25 meat voucher + £20 tackle Voucher,
2nd £15 meat voucher + £15 tackle voucher,
3rd £10 meat voucher + £10 tackle voucher,
Plus other prizes
Also thank you to Paul of Penparcau Butchers and Basil Coates of Gb Gb Fishing Angling Centre

28th, October:Carl Worrall - Just got back from a few hours silver fishing at Nine Oaks fishery.
Bait was maggots and casters Rig was a middy pencil float with Middy lo viz line 3.4 body 2lb snood with a size 20 middy 63-13 hook

The fishing was good with some Quality roach bream but with the weather being mild the carp were on the feed.

You’d start getting a good run of roach but then the carp would come into the swim and all hell would let loose.

But still great time in a top venue Big thank you to Bill Baker and to Basil Coates of GB Fishing

November: (No reports filed)

December: (No reports filed)

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