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2013's Fishing and Catch Reports

Monthly reports of the fishing during the year

Each Year’s Catch reports:- 

Select by Month:-

January 2013:

Coarse Fishing

Mark checks his net of Fish Mark with a lovely 2lb Common Carp. He had several of them

January 7th, : email received that reads: Hi Bill, Just a quick note to thank you for an excellent couple of days Coarse fishing at Nine Oaks last week. I was extremely impressed with the quality of Roach fishing on offer and had several fish well over the pound mark. Whilst I was impressed with the Roach, I was somewhat surprised to take a couple of Tench during the session, with the biggest over 3lb. Not bad for a day ticket water in January!

Thanks again, and all the Best for 2013. Cheers, Mark Livingstone. Wrexham, North Wales.

Mark’s mixed net full The bulk of the content of Mark’s net

29th, January: a few days after the recent heavy snows, local Angler Mark fishing as he does at this time of the year in the Novices pool using the bushes that surround the pool as wind breakers. Fishing in the afternoon ’till dusk he had 3 dozen Roach with several quality fish topped by a ¾ beauty, and several quality small Carp. Not bad for an afternoons fishing on a wet, blustery day?

Trout Fishing:

Local angler Melvyn, fishing his own white gold head fly tied with a bit of flourescent straggle, several times over the winter period has had over a dozen Trout a session. The biggest around 3½lb. Fished slowly on an intermediate line he swears by it - absolutely deadly!


Coarse Fishing:

Pole fished, single sweetcorn skin at dead depth!

16th, February: several locals fished this fine day. During the cool morning Coarse fishing was slow. Mainly good Roach were being caught from the Main Lake on sweetcorn with the occasional small to medium sized Carp. In the afternoon as the day warmed and the sun came out, local angler and surface specialist Mike Keeling, had 10 Carp with the biggest around 6lb from the surface on floating bread. Other anglers bottom or float fishing also had Carp with the biggest at 8lb.

2nd, February: local Anglers Loz and Fallon fished, in the cold and occasional heavy shower, in the House Pool. Fishing on the top of the ledge about 4ft deep on various bait’s with ground bait regularly fed in, or on the ledger further out. They both had a mixed bag of Roach, Carp, Bream and a few Chub. The Chub were around the ½lb, Roach up to ¾lb and the bigger Brean about 2lb plus a few Carp. With the biggest estimated at about 6lb. All in all, not a bad days fishing? Better than sitting all day waiting for the first take?

Trout Fishing:

16th, February: Using the Nine Oaks Nomad, a white fritzy cats whisker type fly, up to 10 Trout were caught and returned.

3rd, February: Another local angler Lloyd Edwards from Penrhyn-coch near Aberystwyth, fishing here for the first time. Bill advised on fishing goldheads, black or white Cat Whisker type flies or Montana’ish fished about 4ft deep. After a difficult morning in the cold dampness he found the fishing was hard. A cup of coffee and a ½ hour break and feeling re-energised he fished in to the breeze in Pallen Lake. The coffee obviously worked as he quickly had 3 beauties on the bank. He then had another coffee and he went back for another fish. He left with 4 fish after a satisfying day’s fishing!


Coarse Fishing:

Fallon with her lovely Koi

20th March: Another cool start to the day with Fishing a little slow. As the temperature raised fishing got better. Retired headmaster Chris fishing and feeding sweet corn ended the day with 70 fish, many Roach about ½-¾lb and several good Carp. Fishing off the platform using the top 3 sections of his pole, and about 1“ over-depth.

18th March: yep, more cold but with a brighter afternoon when Carp were once again caught on the surface with floating bread. Meanwhile, Fallon fishing sweetcorn caught her fish of choice and a pb too - a lovely Koi estimated at 4lb and pictured left.

8th March: a miserable day, cold and damp, but the fish kept on coming. Retired headmaster Chris from Pembrokeshire, had about 10lb of good sized Roach with Many around 7-8oz up to early afternoon when he switched tactics and went after the Carp. Ending the day with a dozen fish to 8lb with several caught on the surface. Main bait was sweetcorn with a little of his own mix of ground-bait regularly going in.

4th March: Although it has been cold and frosty recently plenty of quality Roach 6oz and over coming out on sweetcorn or cooked mussel. One or two nice Chub are being caught from the House Pool, and plenty or Roach and small Carp from the Novices Pool. On the occasional sunny, warmer afternoons some excellent sport has been on floating bait’s, for Carp to 10lb, in the Main Lake on Bread by stalking the Carp or on dog-biscuit flies cast on a Fly Rod.

Trout Fishing:

8th March: Continues to provide some great sport and lovely clean, hard fighting over wintered Trout in stunning condition. As previously stated using Cats Whisker, Apps Bloodworm, Damsel Flies and Nymphs have had all provided some great sport catching and decent catches on C&R of up to 10 Trout a session, from all Lakes fishing about 3ft deep. 2 fish bags average at 4½lb. One angler has reported catching up to 24 Trout in a single C&R session.

4th March: Trout Anglers using Cats Whisker, Apps Bloodworm, Damsel Flies and Nymphs have had some great sport catching upwards of 8-10 Trout a session from all Lakes fishing when about 3ft deep.


Coarse Fishing:

16lb Common Carp from Main Lake on floating bread by local angler Mike Keeling 13lb Grass Carp for Mike on floating bread

28th, April: The past few days have been overcast with a light cool breeze. Surface fishing for the Carp has slow. Although col.d good Roach and Carp with a few skimmers regularly coming out. Best recent Carp has been a ½lb’er. Several anglers catching a few doubles in a day’s fishing.

17th, April: Although the past have been a little blowy fishing has been good with a few anglers trying their hand at surface fishing for the Carp. Using loose fed dog biscuit’s as an attractant and one bait banded with a small bubble float, Carp fishing has been excellent. Other bait’s fishing well are bread, frozen or fresh mussels (not those in jars in preservative), sweetcorn and as expected quality maggots. Mr Andrew Neish of Kidwelly landed a common Carp of 17lb 9oz. Chub to ¾lb caught from the House pool. No barbel reported as yet. Plenty of good Roach from all pools.

4th, April: Although cool with a sharp easterly breeze, Fishing during the early part of the day has been a little slow. With clear skies as the temperature rose fishing got better. Best recent fish has been a ½lb Common on sweetcorn. As expected at this time of the year plenty of good Roach being caught. Warm afternoons have been good for surface fishing with floating bait’s.

Trout Fishing:

28th, April: Trout fishing continues to be good with Most fish about 3ft deep. Tactics and flies remain the same.

17th, April: Many Catch and Release anglers fishing with floating lines and 4lb-6lb long leaders with Damsels, Diawl Bach, Apps Blood worm, Cat’s Whisker or similar have reported excellent sport catching about 10 fish a session each. Average fish around 2-2.25 lb with a fair number over 3lb.

4th, April: Aps bloodworm, Damsels, Buzzers and lures, especially white ones, have produced some excellent Trout Fishing. Depths have varied, as has the speed of retrieval. Early evenings by stripping a lure through have produced some excellent sport with upwards of 7 fish in 2 hours being reported.


Coarse Fishing:

Unknown visiting angler on his 2<sup>nd</sup>, fishing trip ever with a lovely 15lb Common Carp from the House Pool.

27th May: following the recent good weather in the lead up to the Bank Holiday weekend. Bob Andrews from Llangollen fished in the house pool on Wednesday 22nd, May on peg #1. His method was to fish an area no larger than a dustbin lid using the top 3 sections of his pole about 6inches out from the reeds to his left, and regularly cupping in casters while fishing small pieces of worm over them. He spent the whole day catching a mixed bag of quality Roach (from 6oz to 1.25 lb), Bream up to 4lb, and pristine conditioned Carp up to 7lb.

It was non-stop fishing with a fish every 90 seconds or so. He reckoned that his bag weight for the day to be some where near to 200lb of fish. Ms Fallon Carr again upped her PB to a 14lb+ Carp [picture will be posted when it is received!]. Meanwhile, Kevin Spittle of Kingswinford, West Midlands had a small Barbel from the Main Lake. Using light tackle, surface Fishing with bread, dog biscuit, waffle or using a Fly Rod and Fly Line all produced tremendous sport either in the margins or out in the lake. As is the norm here Roach Fishing has been really good too.

10th May: following the recent squally weather only the hardier anglers ventured out. However, those ledger fishing had some good sport catching good Carp, small bream and one angler had a surprise when he caught and landed a 1lb Chub. Bigger chub up to 2lb being caught in the House Pool. Very few Barbel being caught at present. Pictured above is a total. novice angler from Llandysul on his second fishing trip pictured with his pb Carp - a ½lb common from the house pool.

5th May: with the warmer finally arriving the Carp are beginning to shoal up and showing signs of getting ready for spawning. Consequently, as expected, Carp fishing has slowed while they play “boys ’n girls”. Provided the weather stays warm we’re expecting Carp fishing to return to normal before month-end. But, plenty of Carp are still being caught, and fishing for our other fish species is as prolific as ever.

Trout Fishing:

27th May: Trout Fishing with a floating line and a buzzer, or a Cat’s Whisker type fly has been really good with hard fighting fish in excellent condition giving good sport. Best bag of the week included a 3½lb Rainbow for 10½lb. As previously described tactics and flies remain the same.

10th May: in recent days Trout Fishing with a suspended buzzer on a floating line has been excellent with Most fish around 2-3ft deep. Tactics and flies remain the same.

5th May: Trout fishing continues to be good with Most fish around 3ft deep. Tactics and flies remain the same. Fishing with a buzzer suspended from a pimp at about 2ft deep is proving very effective.


Coarse Fishing:

John with a lovely Mirror from the House Pool 14lb 2oz Common

27th, June: Mr Scammell of Glasgow fishing frozen muscle caught this lovely 9lb 8oz Mirror (top right) from the house pool on a hired float rod while fishing in the margins near some overhanging bushes, in a mixed bag of fish. His son, equalled his dad when he also landed a similarly sized grass carp, also amongst a mixed bag of fish. The ladies around the lake were certainly outfishing the men by catching many more fish and some good ones too!

24th, June: Mr Gareth Thompson of Pencoyd, Bridgend float fishing on two maggots in the Main Lake topped his mixed bag of Roach and Carp off with a fine specimen 2lb Roach. His reason for fishing here was because of the quality Roach that can be regularly caught. His best Carp during the past couple of days was one of 8lb. Other anglers besides Carp were catching plenty of Roach, Tench, an occasional Chub and a few Barbel. Surface fishing as usual has been excellent, as has the margin fishing. Most bait’s have been doing well, with Many being encouraged to try fresh or frozen mussel, and being surprised at how good a bait it is, including Ron Cousins of the Anglers’s Mail!

Local Angler Peter Chisholm with a stunning Grass Carp from the House Pool

20th, June: Carp and coarse fishing is now in full swing with plenty of good fish coming out. Afternoons and early mornings best with floating bait’s such as bread, dog biscuit or extra-thick toast! Whole cooked muscle (fresh or frozen but not in jars of preservative) great for the carp; pieces muscle good for the Roach. Quite a few of our small Barbel regularly coming out. The Chub are caught less frequently. Good Bream and Tench from the House and main pools. Mark, our local Grass Carp specialist can selectively pick his fish, he’s pictured above with a late evening caught 11¾lb grassie on dog biscuit.

14th, June: The Carp have just finished spawning, and so in a day or two, once their hormones have subsided, they will be ravenous. Meanwhile, there have been plenty of Carp, Roach, Tench, Bream, Grass Carp, Chub and small Barbel coming out on all sorts of bait’s. As usual sweetcorn, bread, maggots and luncheon meat all doing well and catching plenty. Fresh or frozen mussels, hooked through the gristle patch, and fished close in are doing really well. Don’t over complicate your rigs - just keep things simple and on a light rod for the best fishing.

Peter Chisholm caught a large grassie from the House Pool (pictured left). Local lass, Los Fallon has again upped her pb to a credible 16lb 2oz, with a spawn bound Common Carp (pictured left at 14lb) when she caught the same fish before it had put weight on for spawning. Caught on dog biscuit. Mr John Yeomans (green T shirt left), from Llandudno with a lovely Mirror from the House Pool.

Trout Fishing:

20th, June: early mornings or the last hour of the day best for sone really hard fighting Rainbows and Blues.

14th, June: Daddies, suspended buzzers, Montanas, Diawl Bach nearly all fly types doing well. On the hot days with clear blue skies fishing has been hard, overcast days with light breezes have been best. No outstanding fish or catches, just good regular Trout Fishing with the average Rainbow or Blue being caught at 2½lb each with some much bigger.


Coarse Fishing:

Stunning Ghost Miror from House Pool Loz’s fine 8lb Common Carp Phil from Llampeter with an 14lb Grassie Our first ever Chub Photograph

Meanwhile, the Coarse fishing has been good and even better when our aerators are running during each afternoon. 4pm onwards has been especially good surface fishing for Carp with bread, dog biscuit’s etc.

Close fishing in the margins has also been very good. Quite a few Barbel up to 12” long have been caught as well as a few Chub. Plenty of Carp and quite a few good sized Roach too.

Trout Fishing:

July, with the recent hot weather, clear skies and high temperatures Trout fishing has been poor. We expect it to remain thus until the cooler weather of autumn arrives - sorry to all our anglers.


No Report


No Report


Coarse Fishing: 7th, October: The fish are still very active with Many good Carp being caught. Many on the surface or using ledgering tactics with bait’s such as sweetcorn, worm, mussel etc. A couple of anglers are pictured above with some of the fish they caught. Young Mr Dan Pearson of Llangollen, fishing mainly floating chum mixer pellets had a cracking few days catching upwards of 24 fish each day, with Many doubles.

Young Mr Aaron Symons from Gwent, fishing in the Main Lake on free lined dog biscuit had his best common at 16.12lbs (pictured above). It was the biggest of the 26 carp caught that day by him. He had a further 13 doubles and other very pretty smaller carp. Many good Bream on sweetcorn or worms from the House Pool, and plenty of cracking Roach with Many over 7oz from both lakes. Quite a few Chub and the occasional small Barbel from the Main Lake, and plenty of Tench, many around ½-¾lb from both lakes.

Trout Fishing: 12th, October: Now that the water temperature of the lakes is dropping, two of them (Derwen and Weir) have been re-stocked for the winter season, mainly rainbows circa 2.½lb with a few bigger ones. So far the Diawl Bach and Cats Whisker have been the flies to use


No Report


Coarse Fishing: 17th, December: Windy conditions and rain haven’t deterred the hardier anglers; although Carp fishing has slowed they are still coming up for floating bread on the surface. Best days fishing has been by Andrew Neish from near Kidwelly who has had 8 Carp to 8lb on bread and several ¾lb + Roach on cooked mussel or corn. Meanwhile, Dan Ol’sGrady from Worcestershire, fishing corn or mussel failed to find the Carp but caught many Roach over ½lb with a couple 1lb+. All from the Main Lake.

8th, December: with the on-set of the cool weather Carp fishing has slowed. However, they are still being caught although numbers have reduced, with the largest recent fish of 12lb from the Main Lake, 8lb from House and ½lb from Novices. Plenty of good Roach up to 1½lb with Many around ½lb. Some Bream 2lb+ and the occasional smaller skimmers.

A 2lb 1oz Chub was recently caught in the House Pool by a local angler. So the small ones put in 2 years ago are growing on well. Up to 80 Roach in a session with 6 or so Carp together are providing some good sport. Ledgered Pepperami in the Main Pool has produced some good Carp recently, with sweetcorn for the Roach. The margins are becoming clearer indicating that the fish are starting to shoal up and are not disturbing the bottom in search of food as often as they do in summer.

Trout Fishing: 8th, December: good fish to be had on Cats Whisker and the like, especially a fly with a flourescent straggle body which can prove deadly. Please be aware that only the Derwen and Weir have been stocked with Trout as we intend to drain down Pallen and leave it for the frost over winter.

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