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2012's Fishing and Catch Reports

Monthly reports of the fishing and matches for the year

Each Year’s Catch reports:- 

Select by Month:-

January 2012:

Coarse Fishing

Pole fished, single sweetcorn skin at dead depth!

26th, January: Now that the frost has started the fish are shoaling up, fishing is becoming harder. The few hardy anglers fishing pop-ups, sweetcorn, maggots and casters are catching decent Carp off the “helicopter pad”. Most fish are around the 2-3lb size with the occasional larger fish. The biggest so-far has been estimated to be around 15-16lb. Plenty of small Roach and Carp from the Novices Pool. Whereas the deeper House Pool has been slow.

Mark (above) fishing a single sweet corn at dead depth had this showroom conditioned Mirror Carp amongst a bag of 24 plus Carp and plenty of good sized Roach. Fishing the Pole about 7 meters out and near to the bottom aerator in the Main Pool.

31st, January: It may be cold with the occasional flakes of snow and flurry of sleet, but brave (some say mad) Mark fishing either a single sweet corn or a sweetcorn skin at dead depth had this immaculate Common Carp (estimated @ 7lb) amongst another bag of 25 Carp, with Many around ½lb, and again plenty of quality Roach. He was Fishing the Pole about 7 meters under the brambles to on the left hand side of the helicopter pad in the Main Pool


Coarse Fishing:

Pole fished, single sweetcorn skin at dead depth!

23rd, February: Late afternoon float fished cooked mussels produced a few Carp, biggest about 10lb. Other anglers fishing sweetcorn, on a method feeder, with ground-bait including freebies and hemp produced fish all day with Carp from ¾lb Carp upwards and some really nice Roach.

21st, February: A few Carp have already started showing them selves on the surface and with care and some patience the occasional fish can be surface caught. Plenty of real quality Roach are being caught, mainly on sweetcorn or sweetcorn skins and throwing in a few regularly near your float to keep them interested. Some Carp also being caught, mainly on float fished sweetcorn fished an 1” or 2” over-depth. No Tench, Bream or Grass Carp as yet. Fishing with other bait’s like boilies, meat and pop-ups etc. has been slow.

11th, February: The ice has partially melted but the water is very clear around the margins. Fishing with sweetcorn proving to be best paid, surface fishing still works but it is slow. Young Joshua Buck of Newcastle Emlyn, fishing on sweetcorn has some nice Roach from the Novices pool before attacking the Main Lake. Where he spotted a couple of Carp swimming, by dropping a baited hook a yard or so in front of the fish he managed to land two nice Carp estimated around the ½lb mark, plus some good Roach 6oz+.

Trout Fishing:

Meanwhile, following repeated attacks from Cormorants we have chosen not to re-stock until they cease frequenting us. Last sighting 2:54 Tuesday 6th, December. Although the Trout count is reduced there are still plenty of Rainbow and Brown Trout in the lakes. The few Trout Anglers have had some sport with Many reporting good fish following right in to the margins before turning away (as they do) at the last minute.


Coarse Fishing:

26th March: Meanwhile on the Coarse Lakes, the House Pool has produced some great fishing, slow at times with afternoons generally best. Mike Keeling, a local from Llanrhystud, fishing floating bread had 3 doubles and countless other Carp during a late afternoon session. Young Morgan “Moggsy” from Merthyr Tydfyl had a pb 18½lb Common early evening on floating bread and lots of other Carp on luncheon meat 9” from the bank. Baker’s soft beef dog biscuit’s have been really good as has sweetcorn. Some good Bream starting to come regularly from the House Pool and ¾lb Skimmers from the Main Lake and the occasional 10” chub and really good ¾lb+ Roach. Few Tench showing but the best so far at 3lb.

17th March: Carp have started to be fairly regularly, provided we have some sun, on the top, bread, dog biscuit’s including Baker’s soft Beef have all produced good Carp. Best recent fish has been a 14lb Mirror on Baker’s Beef soft dog biscuit. One or two nice Chub have also been caught on sweetcorn; some 1lb Bream from the Main Lake and plenty of large 1lb+ Roach.

6th March: Coarse fishing during the past few days of good weather has been excellent. Tom Worrall from Devon had a ½lb Common from the Main Lake on ledgered Halibut Pellet, Dan O’leary from Worcester had 8lb Mirror and a 10lb Common, also from the Main Lake along with good Roach and Bream on Sweetcorn, topped off with a 4lb Grassie. Young Dan Pearce from Llangollen also got in to the quality fish landing an 11lb Mirror, also on Sweetcorn. While the Fly-rod boys fishing floating dog biscuit and dog-biscuit flies had several good surface Carp with the best around the 8lb mark.

Trout Fishing:

A new stock of Rainbows was finally delivered on 8th,  March. Since then Trout Fishing has been excellent. Kevin, local Butcher from Aberystwyth, has reported that the Trout Fidhing has been awesome, “some of the best fishing with the fish giving a tremendous fight - fantastic”. Many anglers are taking their limit and a few paying for more. See our Trout Flies page for some fly suggestions. Kevin found a Bibio best for him with fish a couple of feet down. Where as Mike Ashton, from the Midlands, found a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear and a Cats Whisker were best.

26th March: Trout Fishing has been tremendous with Most anglers catching their limit and a few coming back for more. 3 fish bags weighing about 7½lb. Bibio, Hares Ear, Cat’s Whisker, Baby Doll flies fished around 3-4ft down are producing the goods for some fantastic, really hard fighting Trout.


Coarse Fishing:

16lb Common Carp from Main Lake on floating bread by local angler Mike Keeling 13lb Grass Carp for Mike on floating bread

25th, April: Following some awful weather with squally showers and strong breezes, Mr Moseley of Ruthin, N.Wales fishing in the Main Lake for his first time here, using pellet and sweetcorn, with corn as freebies had Roach to 1lb in a mixed bag of Roach and Carp for an estimated 80lb Total.

19th, April: Mr Trevor Thomas of Ton Kenfig, S.Wales (photograph left) with a large Common, weighed by him with his new scales at 22lb, and caught on floating bread from the Main Lake in peg #1. Weather has been awful with wind and rain for the past few days.

14th, April: A few of our small Barbel have now been caught on sweetcorn in the Main Lake, also a couple of the new stocking of Tench but no reports of the Chub. Although we believe that they may be mistaken for small Roach.

Coarse fishing continues to be excellent with Many good fish (doubles ) being landed. As you would expect the mid-day lull (12-2pm) still remains quiet with Mainly small Roach being caught. After 4pm when it seems that the “dinner bell” has been rung the Carp especially are very active. Some excellent ½lb+ Roach are being caught from the House and Main lakes and many Bream, with the bigger fish coming from House Pool. Only a couple of Grass Carp have so far been caught, floating bait’s have been the best. No Eels so far and none of the larger Carp.

9th, April: Coarse Fishing has been excellent with Many quality Roach coming out well over ½lb each with quite few around ¾lb. The really big ones have not yet been netted. Best bait’s have been Luncheon Meat, Sweetcorn Worms and Maggots.

Floating Bread and Baker’s Beef Dog Biscuit’s have produced many surface fished Carp. The best so far has been an 18 ¼lb Common to young Morgan from Merthyl Tydfyl on Floating Crust. Many good Carp have been caught using Fly Fishing tactics with Chum Mixer biscuit’s and imitation dog biscuit flies.

Decent Bream are being regularly caught from the Main Lake on Maggots, few Tench being landed although the best to-date has been one of 3lb from the House Pool by a local angler. Our first small Barbel has been caught on sweetcorn , and the occasional medium sized Chub, although we think many are being caught and mistakenly identified as Roach! Good Bream 3lb and over have been caught in the much deeper House Pool with the occasional Carp. Mr Mike Keeling has had our first Grassie this year on floating Bread from the Main Lake.

One sad aspect has been the landing and discard of a large swan mussel. As they are uncommon in this part of Wales, we have deliberately selected and stocked these expensive molluscs for the benefits they bring to our lakes. They form an integral part of our environment policy. We ask that any angler accidentally hooking in to one to put it back in the lake and not, as one idiot has done, thrown in down the bank behind them to die! From their original palm sized size they have been growing at about 1” bigger each year.

Trout Fishing:

Continues to produce great sport with Most anglers reaching their bag limit within their allotted times. Average two fish bag weighing about 4½lb. Buzzers, Bibbio, Hares Ear and Cat’s Whisker flies have frequently been the best flies with Most fish caught around 3ft deep. Quite a few Trout being caught when fishing along the edges of the reed beds, and many giving really good fights and lots of long, strong runs.

Good hard fighting fish are to be had mainly on wet flies; such as buzzers, bibbio, Hare’s ear, Fritz’s and Cat’s whisker near to the banks just off the reed beds and about 3ft down.


Coarse Fishing:

Trevor with a 22lb Common Paul Owen with his 11lb Common

3rd, May: Following the sudden change in weather (yesterday was beautiful) fishing has slowed slightly with Mainly Roach, Bream and some Tench coming out, mainly on sweetcorn. Although other bait’s do work they are not as productive as sweetcorn, fish them a little over depth for some cracking Roach, plenty around ½lb and a few 1lb+ being caught. The Carp have slowed which is usually an indication that they are becoming otherwise engaged and shoaling up - we think of them as in their teenage years where they are beginning to play “boys and girls”! You know the scene “I loves you” rub, rub...

30th May, the Carp have just finished spawning in the Main Lake - they started on Thursday 24th, and today they started in House and the Novices pools. Meanwhile fishing has been good with some nice Roach, Carp, Bream and Tench with the occasional Chub and Barbel also being landed. Once spawning is over they should be ravenous. Afternoons, with this good weather, has produced some good sport surface fishing in the Main Lake.

Trout Fishing:

3rd, May: New stock expected later today, our usual 2-3lb size range.


Coarse Fishing:

Local angler Loz with his 15lb Common Fallon Carr: I didn't weigh it but it's a great looking fish. Caught on dog biscuit off the surface.

email from Loz ’ Fallon reads: Hi Bill, Had a great evenings fishing last night, Loz had 5 carp and I had 3 carp. His biggest was a ½lb common (see left) so we took a photo to send to you. We also got a sneak glimpse of one of the koi’s, very nearly took my bait until a bigger carp got there first. We filled out a catch report. Many thanks see you again soon? Fallon and Loz.

23rd, June: The Carp spawned again in the Main Lake. On Monday 4th, June, when they went mad all day. Since then fishing has just got better each day. Many quality Roach and Carp on all bait’s, especially floating ones in the afternoons and mornings. A small number of our 8” Barbel have been caught along with the occasional Chub.

One of our many Koi Carp Hybrids

Although we’ve had some really heavy rains and continuous rainy days plenty of fish are being caught. Ian Syddall from Hull caught an unusual beautiful red/orange Koi Carp hybrid from the House Pool. Meanwhile, local lass Ms Fallon Carr caught another stunning hybrid on dog biscuit off the surface. The picture (taken on a mobile phone) doesn’t really do it justice as it was definitely more yellow/white.

Plenty of Roach of ¾lb and over being regularly caught with Many 6-7oz fish. Most Carp around the 6-7lb. Surface fishing for Carp continues to be excellent with a small number of anglers regularly fishing for them on Fly Gear. They recon it to be the best thing they’ve ever done standing up fully clothed for a long time! Plenty of good Bream from the House Pool on sweetcorn with some also being caught on the surface when fishing for Carp with Baker’s beef biscuit’s. Roach too are also being caught this way.

Campbell’s Meat Balls, Cat Food and various Dog Foods also doing the business. The Novices Pool also doing well with plenty of good Roach and small Carp with the bonus of the occasional ½lb and over Carp.

Trout Fishing:

23rd, June: As we get in to mid-summer, Trout fishing has started to get harder. Although good Trout are coming out they are not as frequently caught as they have been. Or, is that too many catch-n-release anglers causing the fish to be hook-shy? Either way, we expect Trout Fishing to get harder as we approach mid-summer. May Fly nymphs, Montanas, and the usual array of wet flies with a little sparkle in their tails continue to be good.

Meanwhile, the Trout fishing continues to be good with plenty of fish around the 2lb mark in all 3 lakes. Wet flies are still predominantly the fly to use with Most fish around 3ft down. The Apps bloodworm and Pennel Flies have been deadly capturing a lot of fish, with the orange or white fritz’s and Cat’s Whisker close seconds.


Coarse Fishing:

Fallon's PB of an 8lb Common Loz's fine 8lb Common Carp

email from Loz ’ Fallon reads: Hi Bill, Had another fantastic evening fishing and got my new PB with an 8lb common, then 5 minutes later Loz matched it with another 8lb. Many thanks, Fallon and Loz

15th, July: Local Angler, Phil from Lampeter, in his own words “had a brilliant day’s Fishing”. Fishing floating Bread in the afternoon he had 14 Carp plus 1 Barbel. Of the 14 fish he had 4 under 10lb with the rest over, and the best 2 fish were a 16lb Mirror and a 16lb Common.

14th, July, even though we’ve had some serious rain the Carp Fishing has been great, with plenty of good fish coming out, including ½lb Carp, 1½lb Roach, quality Bream from the House Pool with 1lb skimmers from the Main Lake, quite a few small Barbel, the occasional Chub which we are sure people are catching more frequently and mistake them as Roach.

Surface Fishing for Carp has been great as has bottom fishing with single boilies, Hallibut Pellets, Dog Biscuit’s plus Luncheon Meat, Sausage, Muscle, Frozen Prawns and fresh Cockles. In fact all bait’s are doing well. Plenty of quality Roach in the margins and thereabouts, by quality we mean ½lb upwards, as we have some stunning Roach with quite a few good ’uns being caught on the surface with floating Bread. Many Carp being caught by a few fishing with Fly gear, fly line and leader with dog biscuit fly or the real thing, especially in afternoons and evenings fishing on the surface.

Phil from Llampeter with an 14lb Grassie Our first ever Chub Photograph

30th, July, at last a picture of a Chub. The Chub were stocked as fingerlings 2 years ago and have grown on well since, they’re a great scrapper and often mistaken as a decent Roach; Well done John Halliwell junior from Bolton.

Fishing continues to be great with everyone having super catches with plenty of skimmer Bream from the Main and slabs from House.

The small Chub and small Barbel occasionally being caught. Plenty, as always, of good Roach of a variety of bait’s. Surface fishing for Carp with dog biscuit’s, bread, Baker’s Beef soft chunks and Bread all doing well. Bottom fishing using traditional bait’s or method feeder producing continuous sport with daily bags of 100lb+ of fish. Late afternoon and evening fishing has been tremendous. Meanwhile, the night anglers have been having some superb sport and a lot have often taken their rods out of the water in the early hours for some sleep as sport has been continuous, and fishing with 1 rod has been best.

Trout Fishing:

Traditionally the months of July and August are slow, but angler’s are still catching a few Trout on Montanas and so forth, especially in the late afternoons and evenings. On bright sunny days the Trout Fishing will be hard. Most fish have bene about 3ft down.


Coarse Fishing:

Local angler, Mark lands another grassie at 9.5lb from House Pool Phil's 16lb Common

August 12th, Carl Halliwell, from Worsley Manchester, while holidaying in the area and knowing that we had some small Barbel, which he had never caught, set about catching one.

The Fishery owner (Bill) told him where to start his search.

He was delighted, when towards the evening he finally caught one. Pictured above is Carl (right) with his Barbel.visiting angler lands excellent Carp from House Pool Although not big fish they have grown well since their introduction as skinny Gudgeon look-alikes in October 2011.


Coarse Fishing:

Carl Halliwell from Worsley Manchester with his Barbel First picture of small Barbel

Early September and fishing is really good with plenty of good sized Carp, Roach, 2lb Bream and the occasional Tench, Chub or Barbel. Ledgering with dog biscuit’s as a “pop-up”, Luncheon Meat as always good on the ledger or float fished.

Margin fishing is terrific, as is fishing close in under the overhanging bushes and trees, with plenty of mid-sized 6,7 and 8lb Carp caught mainly in the afternoons and evenings very close in.

Cockle proving an excellent bait. Floating Bait’s also very good. Maggots catching plenty of good ½lb+ Roach.

Ben's 24lb Mirror from House Pool Our first ever Chub Photograph

Best surprise was the landing of a 12kg Mirror from the House Pool by Holidaymaker, Ben Williams of Liverpool. I’m sure that the fish watch what you’re doing? Ben had just sat back with his rod resting between his legs when the handle was slammed against the in-side of his leg. After quite a tussle and with help from his brother, Bob, the Mirror Carp was landed and photographed in a Salmon sized Landing Net.

Trout Fishing:

19th, Setember: As we got in to autumn, Trout fishing has started to be really good. Montanas, Diawl Bach, Hopper and Daddies plus Damsel Flies, and the usual array of wet flies with a little sparkle in their tails all continue to be good. Many Trout showing and are chasing the Roach Fry. Overcast days with a gentle breeze definitely the best days for Trout Fishing.


No report made


Coarse Fishing:

Local angler, James with a 12lb Common from the Main Lake young Mr Moggsy with his fly caught 8lb Mirror

12th, November: With the water temperature cooling fishing has started to slow down. Having said that, regulars using sweetcorn, mussel and worms are still catching plenty of good Carp up to 18lbs.

Those “in the know” catching up wards of 10 Carp a session too. A few Bream or Grass Carp, but plenty of really good Roach showing.

14th A lovely day, especially for the middle of autumn,, November Chris, a retired headmaster, had plenty of cracking Roach to about 12oz on sweetcorn and several small Carp.

In the afternoon he switched tactics to try floating bread, having spotted a couple of Carp up in the water. Andrew from Dihewyd with his 8lb Mirror from the House PoolHe finished the day with 10 Carp, all caught on floating bread with two 9lb’ers, one of 8lb, and the rest around ½lb.

15th, November: Local angler, Peter Chisholm of Cross Inn, also had Carp to 9lb from the Main Lake and a bag full of Roach, meanwhile, another local Mark Roberts from llwyncelyn, had a bad day for him only catching 10 Carp into double figures plus numerous Roach.

Trout Fishing:

Plenty of Rainbows to 3lb with the occasional 2lb Blue. Up to 10 Trout or more a session with Montanas, Cats Whisker or Baby Doll flies. Most fish have been around 2-3ft deep.

Most fish being caught are mainly on floating lines with wet flies with the occasional angler trying a dry fly. Best recent day has been 10 Fish, on C&R, to white wet flies.


Coarse Fishing:

Mark checks his net of Fish Mark with a lovely 2lb Common Carp. He had several of them

15th, December: Following his recent session on the 12th, (see below), local Angler Mark of Llewyncllyn, fishing as he does with sweetcorn tried again in the Novices Pool. This time he was allowed to use a keep-net, which is something we rarely do, except when fishing a match.

Fishing from the same peg #1 from about 10am till dark (about 4:45pm) these pictures indicate the amount of quality fish that he caught. Bear in mind that these were taken with a “Flash” when it was actually quite dark. The net holds a good quantity, variety and size of some quality Carp, Roach, skimmers and Chub. Several Carp were about 2-3lb, with plenty of Roach 6oz and over. We estimate that there were about ½lb or more of Silver Fish and 10-12lb of Carp.

Mark's mixed net full The bulk of the content of Mark's net

We do not usually like keeping fish in keepnets, believing that the smaller fish become damaged by the weight of the fish on them. They were quickly removed from the water, rapidly photographed and returned as expeditiously as possible. We did this purely as an exercise to show you the variety and quality of fish that can be caught here. Bearing in mind that this is the middle of December a few days after some really cold weather!

12th, December: following a few days of really cold weather and 2” of ice on our lakes, again, local angler Mark fished in the Novices Pool. He Fished from 1pm till dark on the first peg; Using either his Match Top 2 sections or his Float Rod, regularly feeding a few sweetcorn with one or two corn on the hook. Mark caught 54 Roach, mainly about 6oz with several much bigger and a couple of Carp about

Trout Fishing:

Has been excellent with plenty of good fish being caught, mainly on floating lines with wet flies and a few anglers trying dry flies. Best recent day has been 10 Fish, on C&R, to white wet flies. 1½lb. Not bad for a mid-day session in the middle of some really freezing weather?

Mid December, local Trout Angler Vernon Evans of Llandysul fishing Catch-n-Release with a white Lure tied with a few strands of flourescent straggle, had his best day ever, catching 17 Trout in a 4hour session. What a super end to another good year?

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