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Fishing and Catch Reports during 2008

Monthly Catch reports for the year

Each Year’s Catch reports:- 

Select by Month:-

January 2008:

The Main Lake as it appears during Autumn

No report


Bryan Scott of Aberystwyth with a lovely 7.5lb Grassie from the Main Pool

Coarse Fishing:

It may be winter but the fish don’t seem to know that as summer fish like Tench and Bream have been caught, mainly on sweetcorn. Floating Bread is still working well as are floating dog biscuit’s. Mark Williams of Ffos y Ffin fishing after the coldest night of the year so far catching 18 Carp, mainly 3-4lb, on floating biscuit’s and bread and many good Roach on sweetcorn. Best fish so far has been a 12lb Linear Mirror to Bill Stafford of Llewyncelyn also on sweetcorn. Daniel Purton of New Quay had 8 Carp on a very cold day with his best being a 7 ¼lb Common (pictured). All fish have been scale perfect and in pristine condition. Several anglers have caught many Carp and upwards of 50 Roach, many ½lb plus on sweetcorn or soft hookable pellets. Best tactics have been either to regularly rotate between 3-4 bait’s or fishing between 2 or 3 swims catching a couple of fish in each in rotation.

Bryan Scott (pictured) from Aberystwyth float fishing a chunk of fresh raw sausage on a the 1st, March 2008 (a cool day ) landed after a short fight this lovely 7½lb Grassie. His best fish of the day.

Trout Fishing:

On bright days like we’ve had recently fish are likely to be found at least 3 feet deep. Overcast days, especially mornings have produced some cracking fish, mainly around the 2-2½lb mark. Nigel Lewis from Northampton having 8 fish during an overcast morning and no fish in an afternoon when the sun has been bright and high in the sky. Best flies have been black ones especially Damsels and Montanas with Cats Whisker also proving worthwhile.


Coarse Fishing:

youngster, Jake with a 12lb superbly conditioned Common from the Main Lake A unknown angler from Llandysul with a 12lb clean Common It may be late winter or early spring but WOW!

Luncheon meat and Sweetcorn have consistently produced the goods, virtually anywhere on the lakes. The Novice pool has produced some lovely Carp and Roach to local juniors anglers.

While the House pool has been slow but steady. Daniel (center) has had several Bream with the best at 2½lb and 1lb+ Roach from the House Pool. His best fish of the week being a 9½lb Common on floating Dog Biscuit from the Main Lake. Daniel also had Tench to 1½lb, a personal best.

A visiting angler had a 6½lb Grass Carp on 29th March, a day of foul weather, on sweetcorn near to the bottom aerator in the Main Lake.

13yr Daniel Pearson of Llangollen with a lovely 9.5lb Common caught using chum mixer pellets Two lads having a blinder on our Trout Lakes with a good catch of lovely Rainbow Trout

While, young Jake from Llandysul has had a ½lb Common and his angling pal a 6 ¼lb as well as many other good sized fish. Another visiting angler has had the month’s best at 12lb (pictured) from the Main Lake on luncheon Meat on the 29th March.

Trout Fishing:

Those foolish enough the brave the weather had some cracking sport with Many 2½lb Rainbows coming out; mainly on floating lines, long leaders and black flies. Imitation bugs have also done well with one angler in particular taking 9 fish in 2 days. An example bag of Trout pictured left.


Coarse Fishing:

Mike Keeling of Llanrhystud with his 15lb Common Carp caught using floating bread in the margins

Coarse Fishing:

Up to the 5th, April many good Carp have been caught mainly on floating bait’s, including, 10’s, 11, 12, 14 and 16lb Commons and Mirrors with the best so far at a fighting fit 16lb by Mike Keeling of Llanryhstud (pictured).

Trout Fishing:

Still continues to produce good bags of 2lb+ fish with Many beginners and novices catching their fair share too. For one angler the trust Diawl Back certainly produced the goods taking 6 fish to 3lb. Prospects - excellent!


No report


80yr old Roy caught this Grassie using a Fly Rod and floating dog pellet - a 9.5lb Grassie his first ever.

Coarse Fishing:

On the 3rd, June 2008, a warm bright day, novice Coarse Angler Roy was being shown how to fish Chum Mixer pellets using a fly rod and line in the House Pool. By occasionally feeding with loose pellets Roy managed to get the Carp up and looking for food. By carefully dapping his bait banded pellet Roy was lucky enough to hook and then land this lovely 9½lb Grassie (photograph above), well done Roy!

Luncheon meat, Sweetcorn and Campbells meat balls are still consistently producing the goods, virtually anywhere on the Coarse lakes. In the early hours and after 4pm floating bait’s such as Bread and Chum Mixer pellets are definitely the bait’s to use.

The Novice pool with it’s good head of Roach and Carp rarely disappoints and often produces some excellent Carp around the 3lb mark.

The Housepool has started to produce some nice Bream up to 3lb and some cracking Roach fishing with Many around the ½lb mark. The best Carp this month from the House Pool has been a 15lb Mirror, caught 2ft from the bank under the overhang of a tree on luncheon meat.

The Main Lake continues to produce some excellent Carp, with a couple of Night Anglers landing several doubles with the best a 17lb Common on Halibut Pellets. One pair in particular stopping fishing in the early hours saying “that if they didn’t they wouldn’t get any sleep.” They had caught 70 Carp between them. The Grass Carp continue to be caught on floating bait’s with an unexpected 14lb one being landed. Good, light golden Green Tench continue to be caught, mainly on sweetcorn and from ½lb upwards with the best recent fish being about 3lb.

Trout Fishing:

Although the weather has recently been warm, on the hotter days with clear skies fishing has been hard. As soon as the sky became overcast fishing improved. Best flies have been nymphs and similar wet flies fished at about 3ft deep on floating lines. Most fish caught have been in the 2 - 2½lb range with the occasional 3lb and over.


Coarse Fishing:

A large 42” long Eel caught in Main Lake 1st, July 2008, estimated as having a 10" girth and weighing about 3½-4lb. was caught on frozen Prawn.

This is the second Eel of this size from the Main Lake, smaller ones of about 2ft long had been caught during June in the Novices and House Pools.

Unfortunately we are unable to show photographs of this large Eel, taken by it’s captor as they have never arrived as promised, sorry.


No report made


No report made


No report made


No report made


No report made

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