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Tackle Shop - not big, but well stocked and perfectly formed!

Tackle Shop for your Coarse Gear, Fishing Equipment, Trout Gear, Flies, Fly Rod, Maggots and any other bait or tackle needs.

Small but perfectly formed

Inside the Tackle Shop, Nets, baits ’ tackle on display

Before commencing ANY Fishing - All personal nets (landing or keepnets) must be fully submerged in any of the disinfectant bins provided, for at least 10 minutes, after which they can be safely used. It is easy if you dip your nets into a bin before doing anything else, that way they get thoroughly disinfected while you’re unpacking the rest of your gear. Then collect it on the way down to your peg - easy peasy!

Here we have something for everyone, a small selection of Sea and Beach gear, plenty of Fly Gear, Flies including the ubiquitous “Welsh Witch”, some Pike gear and of course Coarse and especially Carp and Match rods. Rods, hooks, line and sinkers. We have some cracking rod deals and starter kits. Some excellent Carp Rods, a selection of reels, boilies, baits, Maggots, Worms and much, much more.

Besides our growing stock of Fly Fishing Equipment and Flies we continue to increase the amount of Carp and Pole gear on offer.

We have grown our small range of Boilies and pop-ups to include some really exciting flavourings plus Pastes, Pellets and a wide range of hookable ready flavoured pellets. These pellets will not dry out as the container contains a small amount of the flavouring fluid. Really good stuff “that does the biz” at good prices too! We stock the "Old Ghost" range of Carp Baits and method mixes, plus loose feed pellets in various sizes from 1mm right up to 8mm.

More Tackle on display

We also stock a range of Carp Rods, Carp Holdalls and Bags and Carp Rod Bags too. Our shop may not be big in size, but it is “big” with the large range on offer.

We have some superb Carp Gear, various unhooking mats from the cheap right up to luxury thick ones (all at good prices), Gear Bags, Holdalls etc, various sizes of chairs and Bed Chairs.

A good selection of Pole gear, elastics, tulips, roosts, floats and everything else. Pole equipment not available elsewhere locally.

Inside the Tackle Shop, Hooks, lines, reels and sinkers all available

A good range of Fly rods at really good prices plus a good selection of flies including the elusive “Welsh Witch” range of flies. These flies really do the business of sorting out the better fish and catching when all else fails.

Besides tackle and equipment, Fishing tuition is also available as are gift vouchers for that special occasion, birthday or anniversary. These are especially useful when you want a present to give but don’t know what to buy!

We have some quality Match, Carp, Stalking and Avon Rods in stock at very good prices, why not drop in for a look?

Let us know your requirements and an appropriate card and wording will be made to order. For a posted Gift Token, an additional £2 is requested to cover P&P

Don’t forget, gift vouchers are available for the purchase of Fishing Lessons, goods or services at the Fishery, including Fishing days, Tackle, Tuition or any combination. Please let us know what and who the gift voucher is for and a personalised card will be prepared. There is a £2 charge for P&P.

Some of the tackle available in our small but well stocked shop:

  • A small range of Baits “Pup-up” pellets available in tubs.
  • Plus, method mixes pre-packed in see-thro’ bags.
  • Super-deluxe, foam ball large un-hooking mats available at good prices.
  • 4 leg Bed chairs at really competitive prices.
  • Super lite Carbon Carp Rods in various test curves.
  • Super lite Carbon Match, Avon, Stalking and Quiver Rods and some with free reels too. All at really good prices.
  • A small range of Carp Bags, Rod Bags and Carp Hold-alls in a green or blue waterproof material.
  • We also stock the elusive and enigmatic “Welsh Witch” flies.
  • Also in stock we have the "Old Ghost" range of method mixes and Carp Sausage baits.
  • Also, Fly rods and a good range of Wet & Dry Flies.
  • PVA Bags & PVA socks.
  • Mail Order facilities also available with P&P at reasonable rates.
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