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Excellent Fishing, Beautiful & Peaceful Setting


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Nine Oaks Angling Centre

Fishing Times are Sunrise to Sunset. Please don’t ring the bell before 8am - just go fishing and we will catch up with you when we do our daily walk around.

Typical of a summer evenings fishing at Nine Oaks

Cost of Coarse Fishing Day Ticket

  • £ 8.00 - 1 rod per day.
  • £10.00 - 2 rods per day.
  • £ 5.00 - Junior (under 12)

All tickets allow fishing on any coarse lake.

Please dip for 10 minutes all personal landing nets before fishing - thank you for your co-operation.

Cost of Night Fishing 24hour Ticket

A night scene photograph

£22.00 per night (24 hours using a bivvy or tent) per person; Night Fishing by prior appointment only.

For each Night Angler the price allows fishing with two rods in any 24 hour period.

This is important, specific Night Fishing Rules that we rigoursly apply and you are strongly recommended to read them here.

Cost of Trout Fishing

There are plenty more Trout like this 3lb'er?

All Trout fishing is Fly ONLY with a single Fly, NO droppers or Boobies. During July and August worming or spinning may be allowed (please see management for permission).

Catch & Release, Barbless/De-barbed Hooks ONLY - 4 hours fishing £15. Please, NO fish to be taken out of the water when un-hooking them.

For “Catch and Take” Fishing our Trout average 2.50lb each.

  • First 2 fish or a maximum of 4 hours fishing - £22.
  • First 3 fish or a maximum of 6 hours fishing - £29.
  • First 4 fish or a maximum of 8 hours fishing - £36.

Each additional fish, over the initial purchased Ticket Limit, will be charged at £8 each.

After reaching your catch limit, provided you de-barb each fly used or only use barbless flies you will be permitted to continue fishing on a “Catch and Release” basis for the same number of fish as on your ticket. i.e a ticket for 3 fish enables you to continue fishing for a further 3 fish "Catch and Release" only within the remaining time limit of your ticket. Once the time-limit has been reached regardless of your ticket limit you must stop fishing, or purchase another ticket.

Want some Casting Lessons?

£15 for a Sport ticket on a “Catch and Release” basis is 4 hours fishing using a single fly and barbless or de-barded hooks only. All fish to be un-hooked in the water and not removed from the water for un-hooking.

All Trout fishing is by Single Fly only and NO Droppers, Boobies or spinner flies.

All tickets allow fishing on any Trout Lake. However, from time to time, one lake may be designated with signage as “Catch & Release” only. Please obey these signs.

However, during the warmer months of July and August we may allow Worming or Spinning for Trout on a "catch and take" basis only.

Cost of Equipment Hire

  • Landing Net £2.00
  • Coarse rod, disgorger, Landing net and bank stick £5.00 per day. Should you lose or damage a disgorger or a float there is a £1 charge for each broken item. Hooks will be replaced for free.
  • Trout rod, line and leader and Landing net + 6 flies £5.00. You are welcome to change the flies at no additional cost, and no cost for an additional leader. However, each lost fly will cost the hirer £1!
  • Fishing Umbrellas are available at £3 each per day. Broken or damaged brollies will have to be paid for!
  • A £5 deposit is required on all items. Any broken or lost items e.g. Float or Fly charged at £1 each item.

Have a question or need help?

Re: GDPR. I consent that the information I have provided may be used by Nine Oaks Angling and Holiday Centre for continued correspondence specifically dealing with fishing or self-catering holidays at Nineoaks. You may opt out at any time by clicking 'Unsubscribe' in the email options and sending with your contact details, or by contacting us directly. We only disclose pertinent personal details when dealing with credit card transactions and to no one else. For more information about how we use this information please review our Privacy Policy

The Welsh Government has mandated that we must collect minimum contact details to assist, when needed, "contact and trace" activities. For this purpose we will be asking all our anglers daily for their name and a contact telephone number. These details will be kept for a maximum of 31 days, after which they will be shredded.


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