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Coarse, Carp & Trout Fishing, Plus Self-Catering Holidays in a Naturally Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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Fishing and Fishing tuition in the Novices Pool?

Novices Pool - ignore it at your peril!

Some fish caught in the Novices’ Pool

Details of the Fish Species and Fishing in the Novice's Pool:

The Novices pool contains plenty of fish for a really good days sport, especially for the Novice or Junior angler. However, just because the lake is not a "big one", our advice is "don’t ignore it"! You will be quite surprised just how good this little pool is!

Most of our Coarse Fish coaching is done in this pool - why? Almost guaranteed catching! With plenty of hard fighting Roach and hard-fighting Carp around ½lb with several much larger ones too. The biggest is a Mirror Carp of 7.5lb. This Pool has also produced some large Eels over 10” diameter and 3ft long.

Safety note: This applies to everywhere around the fishery, especially around the lakes, wherever you see short grass - it is generally safe; wherever you see long grass, especially around the edges of each lake - please exercise caution. We want you to enjoy your fishing without having an eu-naturale bath! The long grass indicates and warns of the water’s edge, and also hides the angler from the fish, and the fish from the angler. Consequently the fish will and do come right in to the edges or margins. Which helps to make margin fishing at Nine Oaks excellent!

The Novices Pool is between 4ft and 6ft deep in the middle. Don’t underestimate this small pool, it may be small but the fish are big! Some tree cover and deep margins. Carp up to 4lb with plenty of ½lb’ers and good Roach and skimmer Bream to keep the novice, beginner or expert angler busy all day. To one side of the Lake there is a thick hedge providing plenty of shelter when it’s windy. Generally fish it about 3ft deep, especially under or close to the bushes and near the banks, using 1 or 2 sweetcorn on a size 10 barbless hook to get some fabulous fishing. If you don’t catch on sweetcorn, try squeezing them and fishing with just the skin! Luncheon meat is also good and floating baits in the late afternoon.

DO NOT overfeed but feed 5 or 6 pieces of bait around your float every few of minutes. Be regular and consistent for good results. That way the smaller fish will start feeding, and as the day progresses the fish should get bigger and the fishing even better. The old adage of “little and often” is one of the best methods to attract fish on every lake everywhere. There is no need for ledger or method tactics as the lake is too small.

Luncheon meat, paste, pellets, small boilies, dog biscuits (floating or sinking) and maggots are also good baits. Other excellent baits include cockles, muscles and prawns (not in preservative), spiced baits including luncheon meat with turmeric or curry powder fished on the bottom or ledger style are tremendous. Late summer, fish with black slugs as bait!

Don’t put your rod down or away from you. If you must, use a bank stick, hold the rod gently by the reel foot and rest the butt-end on your chair beside you. When the float goes under a quick flick of the wrist (not your body and definitely not your arm) and with a little bit of practice you should hook your fish. Fish are very fast so if you hesitate, just a little, you’ll miss your catch. don’t hesitate and a quick flick of the wrist should enable you to hook your fish.

A little about fishing our other lakes

Some of our regulars can produce unbelievable days fishing, one who fishes with fresh sausage in the margins, a poor day for him would be 18 Carp caught within 12” of the bank! Another, fishes only surface fishing with bread; his best day was that in 1 circuit of the Main Lake, in the early morning he caught 36 Carp, with Most being doubles! This is awesome fishing anywhere. Other anglers use fly-rod, fly line and leader with a bait-banded dog biscuit for some fantastic sport of the surface. Check here for a little more on fly fishing for Carp.

Whilst we have Carp into the mid-20’s we don’t claim to be a “big Carp” water. What we have is excellent Carp fishing venue with the average Carp being around 5-6lb. We have all varieties of Carp - Fully scaled Mirrors, Mirrors, Commons, Koi, Koi hybrids, Mirror & Common Ghosties plus Grass Carp. The anglers that do well all use light tackle, not big heavy hooks or heavy line like “anchor rope”, a medium weight size 10, 6-8lb main line and the clutch set properly on their reel. Not sure how to set your clutch, ask Bill and he will show you?

We don’t recommend using heavy weight rods of 2 1/4lb test curve and above, however it is your choice. For the best fishing with the “adrenaline rush” feeling when your rod bends like you never knew it could; use a quality match rod, light tackle and your clutch set and just wait for some spectacular action; That’s good fishing!

In 2006, in an article in the fishing magazine “Improve your Coarse Fishing” on surface fishing for Carp, Nine Oaks was chosen as one of the best 6 fisheries in England and Wales. No mean achievement for a “small fishery”? If you like the adrenaline “buzz” of hard fighting fish where even the smaller fish think they are bigger, then Nine Oaks is definitely worth a try?

At Nine Oaks, the best methods are the simple ones. Those anglers that come here with heavy, big pit gear rarely catch many Carp. We say that big Carp don’t become big by being stupid, they become big by being canny. They know that you’re after them and that they’re your quarry, what and why you’re there! Don’t think that they’re stupid and if you do they’ve already won! So you will have to “out smart” a smart animal. Fishing with a light rod (for maximum experience, an adrenaline rush, and fun), a maximum of 8lb bs line, 6lb or thereabouts is best. Early mornings, in the afternoons and evenings surface fish with bread, dog biscuits etc. Soft hookable, floating dog biscuits like Baker’s Beef or Chicken or bait banded dog biscuits like Chum Mixer, size 10 hook with a Fly rod, Fly line and leader, it should be really good. We think it you will find it the most fun, fully fressed, standing up that you’ve ever had! Try ledger fishing a dog biscuit as a “pop-up” which is an excellent bait and method. Other good baits include sweetcorn, luncheon meat, paste, beef tongue (in tins), fresh or frozen cockles, muscles or prawn in the margins (not those in preservatives) , Worm and Maggots will catch plenty of good Roach and Bream. Most anglers fish the margins, and quite a few regulars stalk the Carp throughout the day.

More photos of youngsters fishing in the Novices

youngsters being taught to fish More youngsters being taught to fish More youngsters being taught to fish youngsters being taught to fish youngsters being coached in Fishing

The other 2 Coarse Lakes at Nine Oaks have a good head of decent sized Carp in each lake. The Main lake of about 1 acre, an ½ acre House pool. There are Carp into the mid-20’s but we are not a “big Carp” water; If it is big Carp that you are after
then this venue is probably not for you. However, if you prefer a good day’s fishing catching plenty of Carp around 5lb and over, and other coarse fish too, then this place would be hard to better. If you preference is fishing with heavy “big pit” gear and 10lb+ lines then this venue does not fish well with this approach. In fact if you changed your approach to use lighter gear, then you will most likely catch more Carp! Thick lines, to a fish, represents anchor rope and big fish are not stupid. So lighter lines will land you more fish. Also, think about it, what does

a fish weigh in the water - very little as the water supports his weight? Your line, clutch and rod, are to control the pulling power of the fish’s fins and tail, not his weight. He only weighs when he’s out of the water not when he’s in it!
So, fishing here with light gear, small float, floating Bread, floating dog biscuits or other baits or fishing on the bottom can produce some spectacular sport.

The stalkers are encouraged to be considerate and courteous to other anglers. One angler known as sausage man fishes the margins using a float road, pole float and fresh sausage as bait. The takes are extremely fast, so he holds the rod at all times. He misses many but he catches lots and many around 8-10lb about 12” from the bank.

The better anglers do not use pods and snooze, they have the rod close by at all times. I would recommend having the handle of your rod resting on the edge of your seat next to your thigh. That way when a fish bites the rod is immediately to hand, no stretching to a pod or down to the ground. By the time it takes to stretch out the fish will have had your bait and spat the hook out. Remember, a fishes reaction time is 10 times faster than yours. By the time you’ve spotted your float, indicator or what ever move, the Carp has had the hook and bait in his mouth, stripped it, found the hook and spat it out, and you’ve thought “oh, I’ve got a bite”! So, you have to be quick, no lazy fishing here. Notice I haven’t mentioned boilies, not many angler’s fish them and so they’re not really recognised as food. They do catch but not as often as the other baits. Oh, and don’t use big, heavy hooks like the raptor etc. bog standard, 10, 12’s and 14’s are about right for all the fish here, even the small Roach will take a bait on a size 10! As we’re not heavily match fished they’re not particularly hook shy.

What will change your catch rate is the presentation of your bait, no long tails from your knots. I’ve always found that the grinner knot presents the bait superbly, is a strong, small and neat knot. If you don’t know how to tie it ask me and it would be a pleasure to show you how I tie grinner knots the easy way, my way. Usually when angler’s are not catching it is usually they’re knots and how they tie them that are letting them down. Their hooks are not “in-line” but sit at an angle to the line, so when they strike instead of the hook pulling in to the fish it pulls out, away from the fish. With a grinner knot the hook is in-line with the line and so moves accordingly. Once I’ve tied a grinner knot for an angler, they usually catch before I walked 10 yards away! Presentation is everything!

During the summer months the best times are definitely early morning and from 4pm (when the dinner bell rings) and the Carp go on the feed and surface fishing is excellent. Good baits all year round are Sweetcorn and luncheon meat; Dog biscuits and float fished bread morning and evenings. Maggots while being an excellent bait will generally provide the Roach and non-carp species. Method mixes and vitalin with 2 or 3 sweetcorn can provide some awesome sport with well over 100lb of Carp being caught. Dog food, Cat food and tinned beef tongue regularly produce some super fishing. However, we do discourage the use of boilies and excessive amounts of ground bait going in.

Ledgering and method fishing can be very good and light float fishing spectacular but as already mentioned don’t use “big pit” tactics or thick line. Use 5-6lb line and #10 hooks (which will be straightened). Using line of 8lb breaking strain and over will definitely reduce your catch rate, so fish light with reasonable hooks (not 6+) and catch plenty of fish!

Good baits are bread fished on the bottom, slowly sinking or on the surface, sweetcorn, maggots and cooked mussel, NOT mussels in jars or preservatives or various sauces or flavourings, just fresh or frozen mussels. If you’re not sure how to put them on the hook, see Bill (owner) and it will be a pleasure for him to show you.

During the summer months the best times are definitely early morning and from late afternoon (4pm which is when their dinner bell rings) and the Barbel will be on the lookout for food. They are also known to take bread off the surface, just like a Carp.

Maggots while being an excellent bait will also provide Roach and non-carp species too. Method mixes fished with a preferred bait will provide some terrific sport. Dog food, Cat food and tinned "beef tongue" or the likes of Coshida Trout ’ Salmon Cat Food should produce some good fishing.

If you can get it, the dry dog food known as “Vitalin”, mixed with a tin of sweetcorn including the juice. Fished as a method mix with 2 sweetcorn on the hook - terrific!

A little about the Coarse Lakes

Main has an average depth of 4-5ft. There are plenty of trees, bushes and bays all around the lake that provide lots of features to fish in to and under. A good variety of Carp of all sizes with the biggest going into the mid-20’s. Main also has some excellent Roach fishing, skimmers, Tench and Grass carp up to 14lb. Bream are reputed to be in to double figures with a large black specimen infrequently caught. Mainly Bream of around ¾-1lb mark are caught on sweetcorn.

House is about 10ft deep in the middle with a 6ft wide margin shelf about 4ft deep all around the lake. Plenty of features and trees/bushes on 3 sides and a large lilly bed. House. like Main, has a good head of Carp plus Bream, excellent Roach, Tench and a couple of Grass Carp up to 10lb. Carp here go up to 18lb with an average of about 4lb. With its good depth, fishing on the bottom away from the banks generally with sweetcorn, good number

of decent Bream are caught. Mainly around the 1-1½lb mark. With a few bigger specimens and plenty of smaller ones to keep you busy.

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