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The Night Fishing Requirements of Nine Oaks’

For Safe Night Fishing Please adhere to them as they are for your Personal Safety.

For safety reasons the following Night Fishing Rules apply to every Night Angler! We do not want to come out in the Morning and find anyone facedown in the water, ok? Accidents happen so easily and when you least expect them. So, please read carefully.

• Night Fishing by prior arrangement only;

• There must be at least two anglers fishing together; No angler is allowed to night fish alone.

• No fishing anywhere on the Trout Lakes; A night scene photograph

• No fish to be taken off-site;

• No petrol or similar combustible fuels anywhere near the bank sides;

• A maximum of 2 rods per person;

• Bivvies, tents etc. or similar all-night angling cover must be used;

• An un-hooking mat to be used at all times - without exception;

• At least one proper night lantern (for lighting the base area) and each angler must wear their own headlight, don’t have these then you won’t be allowed to fish. Headlights are available to purchase on-site;

• You must have proper waterproofs to be available if not worn;

• Spare Warm clothing (jumpers, socks etc) also to be available (at 3am you can not believe how cold it can become, even in summer).

The cost, a trifling £22 each for each 24hours fishing? Night anglers often do one of two things - they remove their rods from the water about 2am, so they can have some sleep! Or, they fish on and pack up at 6am - knackered! The night fishing for our Carp can be awesome during the spring, summer and autumn months.

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