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Excellent Fishing, Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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Coarse Angling at Nine Oaks for non-carp species

Details of the Fish Species and the lakes:-

Carl Halliwell of Lampeter with a 1lb Barbel from the House Pool A photograph of Maureen Worral from Somerset with a 1/2lb Roach from the House Lake A photo of the good Bream to be found here How's this for a beginner - a lovely tench in JANUARY? A 2lb Chub caught by local angler 'Pappa Smurf' on sweetcorn Retired Headmaster with a fine Carp A 15lb Grass Carp caught by local angler Mike Keeling on floating bread

For Fishing details, click on one of the links below :-

Fish species available here include:-
  • Roach (and good sized ones too) - welcome to Roach Heaven!;
  • Decent Bream and skimmers;
  • Tench of various sizes,
  • Fair sized Chub;
  • Small and decent sized Barbel.
  • All species of Carp can be caught here, including Grass Carp Carp, Commons, Mirrors, Leather and Linear and Koi Carp;

Carp and Roach Fishing is excellent with plenty of Roach ½lb and over. We have all species of Carp, Golden, Ghost, Mirror, Common, Linear, Leather, Grass, Old English (Black), Silver, Bronze, Yellow Koi and Koi Hybrids. We also have some good Bream Fishing with the bigger specimens coming from the House Pool and plenty of ½lb skimmers from the Main Lake.

While we don’t have the biggest Tench we do have some lovely golden/light green examples that give a really good fight for their size.

Best baits: Sweetcorn, pellet, worm and maggot and floating baits for the carp, Roach and occasional Bream.

Before we start, just remember that when you have caught a fish you are handling a live animal - so please treat it with care and consideration. If you can’t get a hook out quickly and easily, cut your line and let the fish go. He has a better chance of survival, when the hook will rust away, than you digging down his throat with a disgorger!
A little story of what one boy did:- When Bill (the owner) started fishing again after he became a Dad (just a few years back...), he caught a little Perch which was deeply hooked. He struggled to get the hook out as he was trying to be careful with it and not damage the fish as he struggled. Near to him was a young lad fishing

Bream:Picture of a Lovely Bream We went through a patch a year or two back when very few bream were seen, but the past 18 months or so they’ve come on well. Nice sized skimmers and the occasional larger fish in the Main Pool and plenty of “big ’uns” in the House Pool. A few skimmers in the Novices pool too.

Roach:A lovely 1lb+ Roach measured against a METER ruler from the House Pool Just check the size of this Roach, click on picture for an enlargement.
There are many good sized, quality Roach here. If this is your sort of fishing - welcome to Roach Heaven!

Carp:Aberystwyth angler Carl Worral with a fine 13.5lb Mirror from the Main Lake Here is a sample of our many Carp, not the biggest, nor do we claim to be a "big Fish" venue - we’re not. But we are a top-class general coarse fishery with good Carp.

Koi:Young Thomas Baker from Tredegar, Gwent with a nice 8.5lb Ghost Mirror from the House PoolFallon with a lovely Koi from the Main Lake One of many Lady anglers that fish here. Fallon, a local lass is an excellent angler and here she shows off one of our many Koi, from mottled yellow in this example, through golden, Orange and multi-coloured ones too!

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Our lakes:-

At the same time we also stocked more small Chub and some 8“-10” Barbel. During Spring and Summer 2012 a few of the Chub and Barbel have been caught showing that they have grown quite a bit during t past 6 months or so.

Carp Fishing is really excellent. We have all species of Carp, Golden, Ghost, Mirror, Common, Linear, ½ lb Leathers, Grass Carp, Old English (Black), Silver, Bronze, Yellow Koi and Koi Hybrids. Following the terrific spawnings that the Carp have here we have all sizes of Carp from lovely babies right up to 20lb+ specimens. There is a good head of doubles, lots between 6llb and 8lb with Most Carp around ½lb. Early mornings and afternoon/evenings for surface fishing for them and most other times float fishing, ledgering or method fishing. Most baits work well, such as sweetcorn, luncheon meat, cat or dog food, various bog biscuits, meat balls, fresh sausage, curry flavoured baits etc. etc.

We also have some good Bream and Skimmer Bream Fishing, with the bigger specimens coming from the House Pool. There are plenty of ½lb skimmers from the Main Lake, and small numbers in the Novices Pool.

Maggots, and Caster while being excellent baits, will generally provide the Roach and non-carp species.

There are some big 4lb plus Eels, but as they are not regularly fished for they are usually caught by accident.

Nineoak’s has 3 Coarse lakes holding a mixed head of quality fish. In the autumn of 2011 a number of small barbel were stocked in the Main Pool. Many fish here like a mussel (frozen or fresh BUT NOT in jars of preservative or flavourings) in the margins and Luncheon meat too; these are good baits fished on the bottom and accompanied with a method mix. Vitalin mixed with sweetcorn used to be popular - give it a try.

Before we start, just remember that when you have caught one you are handling a live animal - so treat it with care and consideration. A little story of what one boy did. When Bill (the owner) started fishing again after he became a Dad. He caught a little Perch which was deeply hooked. He struggled to get the hook out as he was trying to be careful with it and not damage the fish as he struggled. Near to him was a young lad fishing

What bait? Loose feed micro pellets and fish over the top with fresh or frozen mussel, blue cheese mixed with white bread and a little water and fished as a paste - fabulous for Chub or Roach. All the usual, maggots, sweetcorn, chick-peas should do well.

At Nine Oaks, we believe that the best methods are the simple ones. Don’t over complicate your fishing gear, keep it light and simple. That way you should avoid unnecessary tangles and expense through lost gear, and you should catch more fish.

Those anglers that come here with heavy, big pit gear rarely catch many fish. Big fish don’t become big by being stupid, they become big by being canny - how to get fed with out being caught. So, you will need to outwit and out think a smart animal. They know what you’re there for, that they’re your quarry. If you think they are stupid they’ve already won and you will not catch many, so you will have to “out smart” a smart animal. Fishing with a light rod (for maximum experience and pleasure, an adrenaline rush, and fun), a maximum of 8lb bs line, 6lb or thereabouts we think is best.

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When’s Best?

Early mornings, and the afternoons with dog biscuits on the bottom in the margins. Soft hook-able, dog biscuits like Baker’s Beef or Chicken, plus bait banded pellet or soft biscuits like Chum Mixers, a sharp size 10 or 12 hook and 6lb line, it should be really good. Try ledger fishing a dog biscuit as a “pop-up” which is an excellent bait and method. Other good baits include sweetcorn, luncheon meat, paste, beef tongue (in tins), fresh or frozen cockles, muscles or prawns (not those in preservatives) fished in the margins. Plus, Worm and Maggots will catch plenty of good Roach, Bream and Chub.

You should find them in the margins and especially where there is a flow of water. Try trotting in the flow and watch the behaviour of your float. Fish a couple of inches over-depth. As soon as the behaviour of your float alters - strike, and always strike before your reel in - just in case! One angler, known as sausage man, fishes the margins using a float road, pole float and fresh sausage as bait. The takes are extremely fast, so he holds the rod at all times. He misses many but he also catches lots and many, mainly Carp 8-10lb about 12” from the bank.

This method works for all fish, not just the carp. Coarse anglers do not use pods and snooze, they have the rod close by at all times. I would recommend having the handle of your rod resting on the edge of your seat next to your thigh. That way when a fish bites the rod is immediately to hand, no stretching to a pod or down to the ground. By the time it takes to stretch out the fish will have had your bait and spat the hook out. Remember, a fishes reaction time is 10 times faster than yours. By the time you’ve spotted your float, indicator or what ever move, the fish has had the hook and bait in his mouth, stripped it, found the hook and spat it out, and you’ve thought “oh, I’ve got a bite”! So, you have to be quick, no lazy fishing here.

Although boilies are a good bait, they’re not normally a bait for chub. Although, those that use the smaller sizes, 8mm etc. have done exceptionally well over the winter months, especially when their bait has been tipped with sweetcorn. All the fish here, even the small Roach will take a bait on a size 10! As we’re not heavily match fished they’re not particularly hook shy.

What will change your catch rate is the presentation of your bait, no long tails from your knots. I’ve always found that the grinner knot presents the bait superbly, is a strong, small and neat knot. If you don’t know how to tie it ask me and it would be a pleasure to show you how I tie grinner knots the easy way, my way. Usually when angler’s are not catching it is usually they’re knots and how they tie them that are letting them down. Their hooks are not “in-line” but sit at an angle to the line, so when they strike instead of the hook pulling in to the fish it pulls out, away from the fish. With a grinner knot the hook is in-line with the line and so moves accordingly. Once I’ve tied a grinner knot for an angler, they usually catch before I walked 10 yards away! Presentation is everything!

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