Their are no strangers here only friends we haven't yet met!
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A photo of one of our lovely Skimmer Bream from the Novices pool
A sample of the good Bream to be expected here
Fishing for Bream
Bream Fishing at Nine Oaks Fishery
Updated: 30th, July 2012
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A good days fishing?
Fishery layout
Aerial view of Fishery
Another picture of the good Bream that can be expected

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A plan of the Fishery, its buildings and its lakes An aerial view of Fishery, courtesy of Google

Aerial map courtesy of Google

A little about the Bream Fishing here at Nineoaks?

Good sized Bream can be found in the House Pool which hood depth of about 10ft,with 4ft deep margins. Here the biggest Bream is around 4lb with plenty between 2lb and 3lb, with lots of good sized skimmers 1/2lb to 1.5lb. In the Novices Pool there are small numbers of little skimmers up to 1/2lb. The Main lake has started to show numbers of 1/2lb Skimmer Bream and is reputed to have a huge black Bream about 7lb in size. No fish of this size has been lost during our ownership, since 2004, nor has one been seen of this size, but there must be a couple of better Bream to produce the smaller offsprings? Although, one angler who fishes here regularly, and is a real Bream specialist, does find and catch the larger Bream in the Main Lake using bread or sweetcorn and often from the large "Helicopter" platform at the end of the Lake.

Best baits are bread, sweetcorn, maggots and cooked mussel.

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